C Ramchander’s Early 1960s Compositions


Today’s third post is about C Ramchander’s early 1960s compositions. Before we go to the list of songs, let’s look at a couple of very interesting things about the composer. Born Ramchandra Narhar Chitalkar, he composed in the name of C Ramchander often. He also used the names – Annasaheb, Ram Chitalkar and Shyamoo. Occasionally, as a playback singer, he would use his surname Chitalkar.

Ramchander Sir had composed songs in several classical ragas. But, Raga Bageshri has been his favorite. Radha na bole… from Azad (1955) is an example. He highlighted the simplicity of the Raga Bageshri for the usage by him in a BBC interview in 1978. However, his other common compositions include in ragas like Raga Malkauns. Aadha hai chandrama… from Navrang (1959) is an example.

Bollywood and C Ramchander’s Early 1960s Compositions

Some of his Bollywood compositions released in the early 1960s are:

O o naachere Radha… Aanchal (1960)

Duniya kya hai dafa karo… Sarhad (1960)

O nirdai Pritam… Stree (1961)

Balma anari man bhaye… Bahurani (1963)

Samjhena dil ki lagi Sajan bade woh hain… Daal Me Kaala (1964)

Jhuk gayire palak… Veer Bhimsen (1964)

Humse yeh dil kehta hai… Hum Diwane (1965)

Mose rooth gaye more Ram… Kaarigar (1965)

Dil lagakar hum ye samjhe zindagi kya cheez hai… Zindagi Aur Maut (1965)


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