R D Burman’s 1980 Compositions


Today’s third article is – R D Burman’s 1980 Compositions. Abdullah (1980) had a Khoobsoorat (1980) Sitara (1980) with him and was under its Aanchal (1980). The Sitara’s (1980) popularity was at its Bulandi (1980) when she exhibited a lot of Shaan (1980) due to her Dhan Daulat (1980).

Bollywood and R D Burman’s 1980 Compositions

Some of my favorite songs Pancham Sir composed for Bollywood movies released in the year 1980:

Aye khuda har faisla tera mujhe manzoor hai… Abdullah (1980)

Kaho kahan chalen… Bulandi (1980)

Jeena kya aji pyar bina… Dhan Daulat (1980)

Sun sun Didi tere liye ek rishta aaya hai… Khoobsoorat (1980)

Thodisi zameen thoda aasmaan tinkonka bas ek aashiyan… Sitara (1980)

Jaanede gaadi teri janede apna bhi hai dono panvre… Aanchal (1980)

Aate jate hue main sabpe nazar rakhta hoon… Shaan (1980)


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