Ongoing saga of R. Kelly finds a victim getting sued


To say that now-notorious singer R. Kelly’s problems began with the airing of “Surviving R. Kelly” would be incorrect. The singer’s actionable behavior has been decades in the making. Recent developments have further put the performer’s future in jeopardy.

Surviving R. Kelly: backlash to speaking out

The current legal issue that is associated with Kelly, but only indirectly, involves the general manager of an R. Kelly fan club who is suing one of Kelly’s alleged victims for defamation. The victim, Jerhonda Pace. According to the lawsuit and, Pace “extorted” more than two million dollars from Kelly. The suit further claims that Pace has defamed Kelly and caused the fan club to lose more than one million dollars.

This is a form of backlash that perhaps was unexpected. The claims of extortion sound far-fetched at best, and this lawsuit sounds like a way to attempt to raise money for the singer. Kelly’s money woes have been reported on extensively, including claims that the singer is broke because he insists on keeping his young girlfriends in lavish lifestyles. Some readers will remember that a fan paid $100,000 of Kelly’s costs and now wants to be reimbursed, which the court denied.

Many will call what is happening to Pace a case of blaming the victim. But she was not the only person who spoke out against Kelly. There were other victims, former employees of the singer and others who were aware of what was going on. In addition, the hashtag “mute R. Kelly” movement probably did a great deal of damage to the singer’s ability to sell tickets or otherwise generate interest in his shows. reports that the fan club representative’s suit was filed without an attorney. Still, the outlandish claims are likely to be dealt with harshly in the court of public opinion.


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