Haan meri jaisi haseena ka dil – Sharon/Bappi – Bappi Lahiri | Armaan (1981)


Movie – Armaan (1981)

The song – Haan meri jaisi haseena ka dil  appeared in Sagar Arts (International) Films’ thriller Armaan (1981) produced and directed by Anand Sagar. The movie starred Shammi Kapoor, Ranjeeta, Raj Babbar, Deepak Parashar, Shakti Kapoor, etc.

Deepak (Deepak Parashar) is a freedom fighter and apparently dies in a bombing attempt on the Britishers and his girlfriend Aarti (Ranjeeta) tries to commit suicide. Raj (Raj Babbar) rescues her and takes her to the restaurant he runs. She is in depression and Raj cheers her up with his comic antics. Soon, she accepts his love. But, Raj’s father turns out to be a police officer in the British reign (Kamal Kapoor) and he convinces Raj to give up the idea of marrying Aarti. Or does he? Raj decides to elope with Aarti to Goa, tagalong his bar singer Sam (Shammi Kapoor).

But, at the right time, an old comrade of Deepak gets in touch with Aarti, informing her that Deepak is alive and had been severely wounded during the bombing. Aarti gives Sam a letter for Raj and leaves him for good to return to her boyfriend. Sam advises Raj that they go to Goa anyways to start a new life away from all the bad memories. But, Raj drowns himself in alcohol.  One day, this cabaret dance is being performed at Raj’s casino.

Song – Haan meri jaisi haseena ka dil

Haan meri jaisi haseena ka dil was penned by Anjaan and the tune was set by Bappi Lahiri.

The song is all out self-praise. The girl warns that people have a negative attitude toward men, who have fallen for her.

Video – Haan meri jaisi haseena ka dil

The director of photography was K Vaikunth. Dance choreography is by Vijay-Oscar.

The video opens with the music beginning and Kalpana Iyer starting to dance in tune. Prema Narayan also joins her in the dance. Shakti Kapoor seems to be too impressed by the dance. There are several others, who are watching the dance sitting on different tables. Shammi Kapoor is drinking alcohol.

The girls begin to sing as Shammi Kapoor plays the piano. Raj Babbar is also watching and drinking alcohol. Shakti Kapoor sings a few lines dancing with Prema Narayan. The 2 female dancers fight for the attention of Raj Babbar, who is not interested in them. The song peters out and the video ends there.


Sharon Prabhakar sings Haan meri jaisi haseena ka dil for Prema Narayan and Kalpana Iyer. Raj Babbar and Shammi Kapoor are also seen in the video.

Cultural Influence

The typically filmi song is overtly narcissistic and the dance is a cabaret. Strangely, I have always liked this song since childhood. But, I never saw the movie as a child. As usual, I am not very impressed by the clothes worn by the girls, though this is nothing compared to what the girls wear in today’s Bollywood songs. I may sound too prude. But, I am made that way. I can’t help it. The song and the artists are good and the video is watchable.


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