Lakshmi-Pyare’s 1990 Bollywood Compositions


Today’s post is about how Lakshmikant Shantaram Kudalkar and Pyarelal Ramprasad Sharma came together to form the music duo Lakshmikant-Pyarelal or Lakshmi-Pyare. At the age of 10, Lakshmikant played the mandolin during a concert with Lata Mangeshkar in Radio Club, Colaba, Mumbai. Lataji was very impressed and spoke to him post the concert. Later, Pyarelal and Lakshmikant met at the children’s music academy, Sureel Kala Kendra, run by the Mangeshkars. When Lataji got to know about their financial difficulties, she recommended their names to accomplished music composers like C Ramchandra, S D Burman and Naushad. Lakshmikant and Pyarelal became good friends due to their similar age and financial background. They spent lots of time at the recording studios, would sometimes help each other in getting work and play musical instruments together whenever they got the opportunity.  The pair would work for popular music directors but were not happy with the meager amounts of payment that they got. They went to Madras (Chennai) and found the situation to be the same. Soon, they took off as a separate music duo and the rest is history. Today, let’s talk about Lakshmi-Pyare’s 1990 Bollywood compositions.

Lakshmi-Pyare’s 1990 Bollywood Compositions

Some songs the music duo composed for Bollywood movies released in 1990 are:

I am Krishnan Iyer MA… Agnipath (1990)

Bhool bhulaiyan teri ankhiyan… Amiri-Garibi (1990)

Hamein aasmanne bheja… Sheshnaag (1990)

Sun O meri Hamjoli… Humse Na Takrana (1990)

Pyar hua hai mujhe aur tujhe… Jamai Raja (1990)

Na fankar tujhsa tere baad aaya… Kroadh (1990)

Naina tere nainonki galiyon mein… Pyar Ka Karz (1990)

Teri yaad aayi… Qayamat Ki Raat (1990)

Maine tujhe dil diya… Veeru Dada (1990)


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