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There is a difference between people who are hard-headed and people who are persistent. Thankfully, DaBaby is both for all the right reasons. Since he began to rap in 2014, DaBaby (Birth name: Jonathan Kirk) shot his career trajectory toward the moon. It was a very positive move that he made as he deliberately wanted to leave the streets in favor of something safer and much more lucrative. Originally, he went by Baby Jesus but as his persona began to garner more traction and to be politically oriented, he adopted the name“DaBaby.”

DaBaby was born in Cleveland, Ohio but moved to Charlotte, North Carolina at the age of six. Throughout his life, he was forced to adapt to harsh conditions and situations where violence was commonplace. Still, he hopped in the booth and began to transition his stance on life. At the beginning, his music was rather melodic and lighthearted. Through trial and error and seeing that he wasn’t doing global numbers, DaBaby switched it up. He became much more aggressive, poignant, confident and fluid. Throw in the fact that he was willing to wear a diaper on stage at SXSW 2015 for visceral virality, all of the dominoes began to fall in line for him.

Raunchy audacity: DaBaby

DaBaby is unafraid to act goofy on camera, as his videos play like intentionally poorly acted types of B movies. His comedic video antics essentially makes fun of himself and allow him to look ridiculous to pile up significant amounts of views and notoriety. He is willing to be the butt of the joke on camera, but make no mistake about it – – he is not someone to be messed with in reality.

All the way from Zebulon B Vance High School, it is unbelievable where this man stands today. He almost signed with Roc Nation, but the deal fell through. There is a fine line between someone who gets by and someone who stands out. Clearly, DaBaby has put in the hours, has plenty of manpower and staked his claim within rap history with a well-calculated approach and proper investment within his brand.

Infectious verve: DaBaby

DaBaby has a rabid fanbase and throughout the course of a prosperous 2019 he has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with. His album that released in March – – “Baby on Baby” took the world by storm with hits like “Suge” and “Walker, Texas Ranger.” This artist has an unmatched hunger and a tendency to get so amped up that he will start rapping on the beat the minute he hears it. This ability to wear multiple hats and attack from all angles has benefitted him very well thus far. He thrives with fast, punchline raps and it is apparent with his first two albums clocking in at 31 and 35 minutes, respectively. With a tireless pace, not only are DaBaby’s songs quick and forceful but his rise to the top has been extremely urgent and fast-paced as well.’s vocal inflection, relentless energy and guttural delivery is somewhat reminiscent of DMX. Also, he encourages excitement, hustle, braggadocio and is very well-spoken. Being raspy, boisterous and intricate is quite the rare combination. His snappy, pitter-patter zaniness exhibits syncopated delivery and deliberate hyperactivity. He is charismatic, irreverent and speaks the truth to bring validity to his image. His video output utilizes absurdity as he relishes the outlandish role to increase his visual appeal and amass massive streaming numbers and video views as a result. Additionally, his charm, humor and knack for menacing intimidation play a vital role for his success. Most importantly, his diction is precise and he times his rhymes on just the right cadences to elicit the desired response from his audience.

From write-off to colossal monstrosity

DaBaby has grinded extremely hard since he started. He is not afraid to put out mixtapes in the same quarter or albums in the same year. His most recent album, “Kirk” gets slightly more autobiographical and takes us into his life before he skyrocketed into superstardom. Regardless, this album still speaks to his universal acclaim and displays that he will continue to ambush the music industry.



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