Mere naina sawan bhadon (Female Version) – Lata Mangeshkar – R D Burman – Hema Malini | Mehbooba (1976)


Mere naina sawan bhadon (Female Version) is a haunting melody from the school of R D Burman for a movie with the rebirth format. This song appears several times in the movie. But there is a distinct male version and a female version. This is the female version.

Movie – Mehbooba (1976)

Mere naina sawan bhadon (Female Version) appears in the movie Mehbooba (1976) meaning Beloved, directed by Shakti Samanta and produced by Mushir-Riaz. The star-cast included late Rajesh Khanna, Hema Malini, Yogita Bali, Prem Chopra, etc.

Suraj (Rajesh Khanna) is a singer and is presented a Veena (a stringed musical instrument) by his fiancée. The moment the veena comes to his home, he hears a haunting melody during nights and also notices that the name ‘Ratna’ etched on the Veena. One day, on a journey to a stage show, he is stuck in heavy rains in an unknown place. Then, he goes to a small motel to stay in. There he meets a woman called Ratna (Hema Malini).

At night, he finds Ratna singing the same song that he regularly hears during nights.

Song – Mere naina sawan bhadon (Female Version)

The music for this song has been composed by R D Burman and the lyrics have been penned by Anand Bakshi.

The girl tries to remind the man about their past lives when they were in love with each other, through this song.

Video – Mere naina sawan bhadon (Female Version)

Cinematography is by Aloke Dasgupta.

The video opens with Rajesh Khanna sitting on a chair and smoking. The music that begins to play in the background seems to be beckoning the unreal. Chills run up and down the spine! He hears someone singing and realizes that it is the same woman (Hema Malini) he had seen some time back.

She begins to sing and walks ahead. Hema Malini goes first to a lake and then she travels in a boat to a large garden. She doesn’t seem to be rowing the boat! The boat seems to be automatically moving in the lake.

He follows her all the way to the garden. As he approaches a palace, the gate automatically opens for him to enter. She takes him to an inner chamber. Soon, the song peters out and the video ends there.


The playback singer is Lata Mangeshkar while the onscreen performances are by Hema Malini and Rajesh Khanna.

Cultural Influence

The heroine’s soul sings that tears are flowing from her eyes like rain. But, her heart is thirsty for her beloved. The hero hears the song and goes to see her. Garuda Purana says that if a person dies without their desires being fulfilled and that is that last thought while dying, they are reborn with the same thoughts and memory. In some people, this memory is strong and brings it to the fore when they go to the place they had died in the previous birth. This typically filmi song is the highlight of the movie, which talks about rebirth. The song is good and rendered well by Lata Mangeshkar. The video is watchable for the same.


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