Phir wahi saawan – Hemlata – Usha Khanna – Ranjeeta Kaur | Bhayanak (1979)


Movie – Bhayanak (1979)

Phir wahi saawan was featured in AVM Arts International’s horror flick Bhayanak (1979), directed by S U Syed and produced by A V Mohan. The movie starred Mithun Chakraborty, Ranjeeta Kaur, Nilu Phule, etc.

Vijay (Mithun) is a police officer and falls in love with Renu (Ranjeeta Kaur) after saving her from some goons. Renu does not have relatives in the town and begins dating Vijay. They get married and soon, he is transferred to Mangalpur. He goes ahead of her to arrange for their lodging. On receiving his telegram, she comes to the strange place and is whisked off to a mansion by a driverless horse carriage.

The next day her bloodless dead body is found by a fisherman. Vijay is stunned and full of gloom after losing the love of his life. His superior is suspicious of the different tribal communities living in the wilderness. The scene changes to the location of a tribal community.

Post the mysterious disappearance of the tribal prince Raja (Ravi Kumar) and princess (Rehana Sultana) and the mysterious death of the student of a local college; Vijay gets suspicious and visits the mansion of the Thakur Sahab (Nilu Phule). The police inspector is insulted and almost thrown out of the mansion, which is located in a forest. Outside, he perceives his wife’s ghost singing this sad version of the romantic song, they had sung when she was alive.

Song – Phir wahi saawan

Indeevar wrote the lyrics and Usha Khanna composed the tune for Phir wahi saawan.

The girl sings about the rainy season returning. She regrets that she is not alive to enjoy it with her husband.

Video – Phir wahi saawan

The cinematography is by Sudarshan Naag.

The video opens with Ranjeeta Kaur moving toward the camera without moving a leg. Obviously, she must be on a trolley. Mithun Chakraborty is wearing the uniform of a police inspector. He looks at the female actor, silently. She begins to sing.

He stands in his place transfixed and remembers the times, he had spent with her. Ranjeeta Kaur motivates him to find her killers, through the song. Soon, she disappears and the song peters out. The video ends as Mithun Chakraborty looks around for Ranjeeta Kaur.


Hemlata sang Phir wahi saawan for Ranjeeta Kaur. Mithun Chakraborty looks on.

Cultural Influence

Several religions mention about life after death. Hindu mythology is one of them. The religious scripture Garuda Purana has it that when a person dies with some unfulfilled desires, they will not leave the earth and will roam around the place as a ghost. In the given movie, Ranjeeta Kaur played the role of a murdered girl, who wanted to live a satisfying family life with her lawful husband. That is why her soul roams about the place where she died. The song and artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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