Asha Bhonsle’s Bollywood Solos

Asha Bhonsle's Bollywood Solos
Asha Bhonsle’s Bollywood Solos

I love to sing Asha Bhonsle’s songs, even if they are duets, with male or female singers. I don’t need to modulate my voice if the song is a duet with a female singer. But, when the song is a duet with a male singer, it becomes a tough job singing the lines of both the singers. However, Asha Bhonsle’s Bollywood solos are easier on my voice box despite any vocal gymnastics done by her in the song.

Asha Bhonsle’s Bollywood Solos

Some of my favorite Bollywood solos performed by Ashaji are:

Aayiye meherbaan… Howrah Bridge (1958)

Tere khayalon mein hum… Geet Gaya Pattharone (1964)

Jayiye aap kahan jayenge… Mere Sanam (1965)

Jhumka girare… Mera Saaya (1966)

Yehi woh jagah hai… Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi (1966)

Aao huzoor tumko sitaron mein le chaloon… Kismet (1969)


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