Singer Plaza finds equilibrium, success


Singer Michael Martin Kaminski is known as Plaza. Plaza is a minimalistic r&b crooner who may have trouble finding equilibrium between his musical character and the way in which he behaves in real life. It is fair to say that he struggles to balance the sinister energy poured into his music with the actuality of how he interacts with the opposite sex in real life.

Discreet disguise: Plaza

Many people caught wind of Plaza (a Toronto native) when he signed to Drake’s label imprint, OVO Sound. Oliver “40” El-Khatib announced that Plaza would be joining the record label at the conclusion of Episode 45 of OVO Sound Radio on Apple Music.

Much like The Weeknd or DVSN, Plaza is taking the silent approach to superstardom. In fact, he is staying completely under the radar by choosing not to reveal his identity. His name and face are never revealed and his visuals exist without much context or description.

Plaza is managed by Cole Hock of Up North Management Group. Hock along with his brother, Cody, founded this multilayered representation group. Together, they provide services for video gamers and music artists. One of their clients, Tyreek Hill (Kansas City Chiefs WR) requested their expertise to help bolster his YouTube channel. They boosted his subscribers from 45,000 to 105,000 in merely two weeks and this help to significantly increase their credibility and footprint within the industry.;center,center&resize=700:*It is clear that Plaza is well-represented and has an established foundation in place for his career to be successful going forward. The former lead singer of pop punk band, Lobby, and pop-synth band, Decades has made a multitude of strides in a very short time. The name Plaza does not carry any specific meaning. He adopted this moniker because it is punchy and abstract with the A-Z-A providing great tonal emphasis.

Sonically speaking, it is clear that Plaza wishes to embody a “late-night” aesthetic. With dark visuals and very calming, intense and relaxing tunes he does a marvelous job of relaying his exact approach. He harnesses hushed, floaty and enigmatic vocal variations onto the track. It is evident that he wants people to feel sultry vibes filled with lust and mystique whenever he graces the booth with his undercover presence.

When you’re in the car cruising around listening to some Plaza, just know that his catalogue is entirely produced by one man by the name of CAMP30. This is important to know because it generates to the allure of his artistry due to the fact that he is very genuine with his work. The reason why CAMP30 and Plaza work so well together is due to their organic approach and vigorous work ethic. Both of them are very experimental and accentuate each other’s abilities with slick intensity. They both cherish the process immensely and have been able to master many different areas of their craft while working together. For instance, Plaza has taught CAMP30 how to leave space for vocals and not be as dense when layering his sound grids. Also, CAMP30 recommends to learn the business hand-in-hand with the software. Plaza has learned from his main producer simply through his lead-by-example actions and sees that it is important to build a relationship with people you collaborate with. Rather than trying to work with the “hottest buzzing” producers to get your foot in the door, Plaza prefers to escalate naturally through solidified bonds.

Hate what you don’t know: Plaza

Plaza uses a super slick falsetto every time he records. With a terrific air of confidence, he flaunts and flourishes rich and smoothly. Smoky layers, emotional atonements and sexual ambiance are all central themes to his musical catalogue. Plaza is able to invoke feeling in humble, expressive and philosophical ways. As an artist, he is hypnotic, wavy and mesmerizing but the dichotomy between his musician self and actual self sometimes proves to be destructive. His vice is his private prize.

As an artist under Drake’s imprint it is only right that Plaza deals with the contradiction between love and lust. Much of his discography plays off of a sexual, dark, moody fantasy realm that he invents partially based on truth and partially based on imagination (or semblances of experience.) His magnificent vocal range is thrown around within a ball of shadows that is encapsulated within an invisibility cloak. With a mysterious demeanor and distant disposition, he captivates his audience with very cryptic methods. He sounds brilliant over melodic, atmospheric beats and shatters boundaries over electronic sounds that resemble more alive and human characteristics rather than robotic, gridlike renditions. With a modern edge and retro vibe, he sets his sights on ambient, ethereal soundscapes and does so in a carefree, provocative manner. Certainly, his work is masterful, triumphant and euphoric in nature. Plaza is someone we will be hearing much more as he continues to manipulate sounds beyond their conventional measure.


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