Song of the Day: “Violence”


“Violence”, the new single by Grimes, heralds the release of her fifth album, “Miss_Anthrop0cene”, which promises to be another experimental masterpiece from the world’s own electro-pop princess.

Recently, we’ve been doing a lot of looking back at songs from the past. While that can be all fun, nice, and nostalgic, it can also take us away from what’s happening now. So to get us back in the moment, the rest of this week we’ll be focusing on all new songs that are coming out.

Yesterday, we looked at The New Pornographers’ “Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile“, from their upcoming album, “In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights”. But there are a lot of great upcoming albums to look out for this fall, and Grimes’ “Miss_Anthrop0cene” is definitely one of them.

So before we take a look at “Violence”, let’s first go over what we know so far of Grimes’ upcoming album.

Miss Anthrop0cene

“Miss Anthrop0cene” is Grimes’ follow up to her 2015 album, “Art Angels”. Since then, she’s only increased her visibility, becoming headline news with her relationship to Elon Musk, the whole Azealia Banks thing, and the reveal of her questionable workout regimen.

In March this year, Grimes went to Instagram to announce the release of her fifth studio album. In a detailed post, Grimes explained the basic conceit of the album, which I promise is not what you expect.

“It’s a concept album about the anthropomorphic Goddess of climate Change: A psychedelic, space-dwelling demon/ beauty-Queen who relishes the end of the world.” Grimes also added that each song will be “a different embodiment of human extinction as depicted through a Pop star Demonology”. She has announced that her previous single, “We Appreciate Power” ft. HANA will also be included on “Miss Anthrop0cene”.

Grimes’ previously released song, “Pretty Dark”, will not be included on the album, but instead serves as a demo for a potential “AR musical”.

“Miss Antrop0cene” is set to release on September 13th by 4AD.


If you’re a fan of reverb-soaked vocals, heavy synths, and dance-pop drum beats, “Violence” should be right up your alley. Grimes’ airy, breathy vocals take front and center in the song. While it may not be her most catchy or edgy work, “Violence” brings out softer melodies and perhaps a more refined Grimes. As a collaboration with i_o, it’s not nearly as brash as you might think.

And as always, Grimes delivers an appropriately weird but beautiful music video. This one features Greek imagery with what looks like K-pop-inspired choreography and lots of wind blowing through hair. If it serves as an introduction to the concept of the “Pop star Demonology”, perhaps the women-led group of dancers around Grimes represent other members of the concept album’s pantheon.


The lyrics to “Violence” describe an unhealthy, abusive relationship and the psychological effect it has. At the same time, it highlights extreme highs and lows through simple juxtapositions. Take the first two verses, for example.

“I am like, begging for you baby
Makes you wanna party
Wanna break up
Baby it’s violence, violence

But can’t see what I see
You can’t see what i see
Cause you, ha, ha
You feed off hurting me, off hurting me”

The verses display one side of how Grimes’ protagonist views the relationship. But the chorus brings out another, darker side with the repeated lines,”You wanna make me bad, pay me back (Said I like it like that, said I like it like that)”.

Final Thoughts

Despite all of the drama surrounding Musk, Grimes, and Azealia Banks, we try to stay out of the gossip-sphere here at LemonWire. Which means we focus on the music itself, and try to leave the rest at the door. That being said, Grimes’ “Violence’ is a good sign that her new album, “Miss Anthrop0cene” is going to be another smashing success. I for one, am looking forward to it.

That about does it for our discussion today. I hope you enjoyed listening to Grimes’ new single, “Violence”. We’ll be back tomorrow with another new single to get you through the rest of the week.


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