Actor Akshay Kumar’s Birthday


Today is Actor Akshay Kumar’s birthday. Born Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia and also known as Akki, Akshay Kumar is a Bollywood-based actor, producer-cum-television personality. Having worked in Bollywood for 3 decades, he has worked in more than 100 movies, winning several accolades like National Film Award and Filmfare Awards for Best Actor. He has been experimenting on the types of roles and movies he has been doing. He did not even pass up being the villain in 2.0 (2018).

I met him in the latter part of the 1990s for an interview for a print magazine. I think it was on the sets of Aarzoo (1999) in Burmashell. Akshay Kumar and Madhuri Dixit were having a heyday performing the choreography of Saroj Khan. I spoke to his make-up person and told that man to inform Akshay Kumar that I had come for the interview. When the man had reached close to the actor and the latter looked in my direction, I lifted the copy of the magazine that I had brought for him, above my head. It was a woman’s magazine and he looked down with respect or mirth, I don’t know.

When I got a chance to move closer to him, he invited me into his vanity van. He got a call from someone on his mobile and that someone insisted that she speak to me! I recognized Raveena Tandon’s excited voice. There was a lot of gossip about their relationship during that time. When the call was over, I couldn’t help but tease him, “That was Raveena, isn’t it?” He replied that it was his sister, Alka; blushing a little. Anyways, it was his private business, none of mine. So, I left it at that.

I had requested him to pose for a picture with me. He requested me to wait for some time and he would oblige me for the snap. He was wearing the typical turban of a Sardar, during the song picturization. I waited for him. But then, he got into his car to leave. I went to the car and knocked at the dark glassed window, he pulled down the glass. I reminded him about the photo with me. He said, “Next time.” This says that he wanted to meet me again. But, unfortunately, that meeting has not happened as yet. Akki Veerji, I am still waiting for that day. 🙂

Bollywood and Actor Akshay Kumar’s Birthday

Some of my favorite Bollywood songs picturized on him in the early 1990s are:

Kya khabar thi jana… Khiladi (1992)

Ae doston gori kawarisi hasinase… Deedar (1992)

Dekho zara dekho barkha ki jhadi… Yeh Dillagi (1994)

Tu cheez badi hai mast mast… Mohra (1994). I have something to share about this movie. Stay tuned! 🙂

Churake dil mera goriya chali… Main Khiladi Tu Anari (1994)

Gore gore mukhdepe kala kala chashma… Suhaag (1994)


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