SUPERVISORY AIRCRAFT PILOT (Title 32) Job in Grand Prairie, Texas – Department of the Army



The United States government is a massive employer, and is always looking for qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of open employment positions in locations across the country. Below you’ll find a Qualification Summary for an active, open job listing from the Department of the Army. The opening is for a SUPERVISORY AIRCRAFT PILOT (Title 32) in Grand Prairie, Texas Feel free to browse this and any other job listings and reach out to us with any questions!

SUPERVISORY AIRCRAFT PILOT (Title 32) – Grand Prairie, Texas
Army National Guard Units, Department of the Army
Job ID: 123262
Start Date: 07/17/2019
End Date: 08/01/2019

Qualification Summary
To be considered for qualification, your resume must include relevant experience with beginning and ending dates of employment/experience reflecting the following: Specialized Experience Required To qualify at the GS-14 grade level, your resume must include relevant experience with beginning and ending dates of employment/experience reflecting 36 months working experience in civilian aviation programs; or, in military service aviation programs (active duty or reserve components); or, in the Army National Guard Aviation Support facilities; or, in Air National Guard Wing/ Operations Groups. Applicant must have maintenance experience in CH-47 Chinook Aircraft. Applicant must have Instructing Pilot skills in CH-47 Chinook Aircraft Experienced in piloting and instructing pilot skills. Although a variety of piloting administrative tasks are performed in support of an Air National Guard aviation program, the required competence for this grade includes the abilities to train and instruct others in the piloting of a specified main-frame military aircraft. Experienced in reading and applying mission tasks, intelligence reports, and weather information. Experienced in supervising and conducting mission planning, mission preparations, filing flight plans, and conducting crew briefings. Experienced in aircraft preflight inspections, aircraft loading, equipment assessments, and mission manning. Experienced in operating aircraft controls and equipment. Experienced in performing and supervising the work procedures involved in navigation, in-flight refueling; search and rescue operations; and, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. Experienced in conducting and supervising crew member training on simple to complex mission specific tasks. Experienced in developing plans and policies, monitoring operations, and briefing commanders. Experienced in flight theory, air navigation, meteorology, flying directives, aircraft operating procedures, and mission tactics. Experienced in planning and preparing for missions; and, experienced in piloting and instructing others in piloting specific air-frame/military aircraft. Experienced in various piloting administrative tasks performed in support of Army or Air National Guard aviation programs. Experienced in aviation unit quality control management programs. Experienced in the unit flying, explosive, and ground safety programs in accordance with Department of the Air Force, National Guard Bureau, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration directives. Experienced in applying directives, regulations, accident reports, safety data, and local operating conditions to determine unit safety program requirements. Experienced in flying operations and coordinating with appropriate agencies to ensure compliance with all applicable safety regulations and programs. Experienced in one or more missions such as, air-to-air; air- to-ground; mortar-to-arm escort; surveillance; reconnaissance; surface attack; killer-scout; target illumination; or laser targeting. Experienced in traditional “stick and rudder” type controls for piloting aircraft direction, altitude, and speed. Experienced in using aircraft instrumentation and aircraft mounted video cameras. Experienced in visual flight-rule type flying and aircraft instrument flying. Experienced in flying simulated “real world” combat and non-combat missions and terrain. Experienced in planning, scheduling, and conducting training flights through Federal Aviation Administration controlled national airspace. Experienced in applying operational directives, training directives, instructions, standard operating procedures, and special instructions of National Guard Bureau, United States Army or United States Air Force, and gaining commands. Experienced in working independently to plan and perform work assignments. Experienced in completing safe and efficient mission accomplishments through the use of Operational Risk Management. Experienced in performing aviation duties such as, cancelling flying activities; diverting aircraft; dictating mission requirements; approving specific activities; coordinating for airport or airspace utilization with FAA; and directing emergency actions that involved unit support agencies. Experienced in using applicable Army or Air Force aviation regulations, policies, requirements and standards, skills and practices; and, the application of instructional techniques to the training of other pilots in the Army National Guard flying facilities or Air National Guard wings. Experienced in conducting particular combat or non-combat training missions and flying specific main-frame aircraft in combat tactics, flying in mountainous terrain, performing tactical remote site evaluations, performing landings on remote sites, providing ground and flight training, and conducting night-vision operations or instructions. Experienced in standardization and evaluation programs, written ground examinations, emergency procedures, and aircrew performance standards in accordance with applicable directives and Federal Aviation Administration certification requirements. Experienced in reviewing and complying with applicable service flight publications and directives for accuracy and currency. Experienced on weaponry and combat or non-combat tactics for applicable military aircraft. Experienced with wartime and peacetime contingency plans and supplements used for unit mobilizations, deployments, strange field operations, or troop missions and redeployments. Experienced in piloting and instructing in accordance with applicable Army or Air Force aviation regulations, policies, requirements, standards, skills and practices. Experienced in performing instructional techniques to train other pilots assigned to the Army National Guard flying units or assigned to the Air National Guard flying units. Experienced in conducting upgrade training for aircrew members from the Army National Guard, Air National Guard, or from other active components. Experienced in providing proficiency training for qualified aircrew personnel. Knowledge of full-cycle theory, skill in conducting formal classroom instruction, and skill in actual flight practice are required. Experienced in performing training activities, as related to a particular mission and specific main-frame aircraft to include combat and non-combat tactics. Experienced in flying mountainous terrains, performing tactical remote site evaluations, performing landings on remote sites, providing ground and flight training, or conducting night-vision operations and instruction. Experienced in complying with standardization and evaluation programs, written ground examinations, emergency procedures, and evaluations. Experienced in aircrew performance standards, in accordance with applicable directives and Federal Aviation Administration certifications, is required. Experienced with weaponry and tactics for applicable military aircraft. Experienced in completing aircrew proficiency and competency evaluations. Experienced in other military components’ intelligence programs and services and/or National Guard intelligence programs. Experienced in comprehending intelligence reports concerning current threats and counter-measures. Experienced in establishing detailed scenarios to provide realistic and effective aircrew training. Experienced in commanding and executing unit comprehensive annual training plans to ensure accomplishment of all required aircrew training. Experienced in executing flight schedules and flying hour programs; and, analyzing post-mission debriefings to ensure accomplishment of assigned training events. Experienced in coordinating annual, monthly, and/or daily operational requirements with unit commanders, Federal Aviation Administration, and other supporting agencies. Experienced in maintaining detailed wartime or peacetime contingency plans and supplements for unit deployment, strange field operations/employment, and redeployment.

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