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Being born with siblings is a very fortunate situation. Growing up together can have a very positive effect on our health and constitution. Sibling rivelry, just a part of growing up, turns to sibling revelry as adults. Bonding between siblings is a matter of a higher realm.

I suddenly remember an incident, which happened in a junior college (11th and 12th grades) where I was teaching English. The boys and girls often would stand holding hands like couples. The supervisor and the senior lecturers would tease the students that they were siblings and the kids would stand away from each other. The situation had deteriorated so much that when I mentioned about an affectionate gift I had received from one of my Rakhi brothers, I was looked at strangely.

During the festive occation of Rakhi, the Hindi lecturer tied the sacred thread to a couple of male lecturers. But, within a couple of days, I saw an interaction between the girl and one of the lecturers, she had tied rakhi to. The male lecturer was walking toward her on the balcony and blocked her movement with his leg. She pinched his bottom. I was right behind the man and found this very disgusting. Besides, a couple of students were standing on the balcony. I warned the male lecturer to avoid these displays in front of the kids.

I don’t know what happened later. The girl came with her real brother and had a long talk with the Principal one day. She left the college and was not seen by me during the entire remaining months I was with the college. I really wish people would understand the essence of the bond between a brother and sister.

Bollywoody Raksha Bandhan

Some of my favorite rakhi bandhan songs are:

Bhaiya mere rakhike bandhan ko… Chhoti Behen (1952)

Rang birangi rakhi leke aayi behna… Anpadh (1962)

Rakhi dhagonka tyohar… Rakhi (1962)

Yeh rakhi bandhan hai aisa… Be-imaan (1972)

Behnane Bhai ki kalayise… Resham Ki Dori (1974)


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