Wunderkammer Company to begin hosting Creative Women’s markets


Wunderkammer Company, 3402 Fairfield Ave., in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has a mission to revitalize communities through contemporary art. The contemporary art center has been in Fort Wayne for six years and has been doing exactly what its mission states. Art and art-related activities has a new home in Fort Wayne. The latest venture for the art center is a series of Creative Women’s Night Markets.

The Wunderkammer Company occupies a historic place on the southeast side of Fort Wayne. The group’s website explains that since 1905, the property at 3402 Fairfield has been a grocery store in the 1920s, a restaurant in the 1940s, and perhaps more famously, from 1982 to 2010, it housed the famous Casa D’Angelo southeast location.

With 7,000 square feet, the Wunderkammer Company also hosts musical events, in particular, the Big Apple Jazz Club Series. Local and national favorite, Addison Agen, has also performed at Wunderkammer Company. In addition, dance groups and discussion events about the arts have all been held at Wunderkammer. The spacious venue proves that there is room for a variety of art in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Creative Women’s Night Markets

Art at the Wunderkammer Company has been uplifting, controversial, but always engaging. So, when ads for Creative Women’s Night Markets began to make the rounds on Facebook, they created intrigue.

The series of events, which are scheduled to run from September to December, are evenings filled with art by women. The events will be held indoors and art, handmade goods, crafts and other items (all made by women) will be available for purchase. All of the Women’s Night Markets will be curated.

The first Creative Women’s Night Market will be held Sept. 5, 2019, from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. Each subsequent Creative Women’s event will be held on one Thursday per month, until December.

Impact of Creative Women’s Night Market at Wunderkammer Company

Even though Fort Wayne has a thriving art scene, each new event that celebrates the work of marginalized voices is a good thing. Having an evening event that features women’s art will add something exciting to the roster of activities available to people in Fort Wayne. While there is nothing wrong with daytime activities, evening activities can potentially attract attendees who cannot go to day events.

More importantly, the Creative Women’s Night Market events seem as though they will provide an outlet for working women artists and crafts makers. By providing such an opportunity, the Wunderkammer Company continues to make art a priority in Fort Wayne.



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