Anti Lilly looks at life on “That’s the World”


“That’s the World” is the latest from Houston MC Anti-Lilly and his frequent collaborator Phoniks.

“That’s the World”

The eponymous opening song laments the state of the union (and world and life), questioning the motives of both sides of the political coin in present day America. Anti Lilly explicitly dismisses Republicans, Democrats, Trump and any other distractions that don’t help one achieve their goals.

Taken as a thesis the opening track promises to leave politics behind as the album explores what it means to be alive in 2019. I like to believe the second track, “Don’t It Feel So Good”, is the answer. Anti-Lilly isn’t shying away from politics because he’s afraid or unwilling to talk about them. Instead he’s seeking to connect to the part of the human condition that has nothing to do with border walls, blunderbuss and bombast.

Getting Your Life Right

As advertised, “That’s the World” sticks to material that anybody can relate to regardless of their political views. “Brand New” is an uplifting track that urges the listener to utilize each day and not waste time because “We’ve had enough of that.” Anti Lilly knows that, despite what’s going on around him, he still has to get his work done. He says, “Reminding myself not to let the repercussions that’s out of my hands be the reason I don’t advance.”

That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have problems. The album could come off as preachy if it weren’t obvious that Anti Lilly is not telling the listener what to do as much as he is telling himself what to do. On “Can’t Stop” he talks about dealing with the grind and the coping mechanisms (smoking and drinking) that he needs to do a better job of controlling.

“Runnin” is the next track after “Can’t Stop” and it builds on those themes. On “That’s the World” each track seems to flow into the next one as the material gets more and more personal. Each track has pieces of Anti Lilly’s life, but “Let You Down” and “Father’s Day” are particularly confessional and therapeutic.

That’s Life

That’s the world is Anti Lilly’s latest album after the success of “It’s Nice Outside” which was released in 2017.

There are so many things vying for our attention in 2019 that we can lose track of our self-improvement. On “That’s the World”Anti Lilly reminds us of the good and bad in our lives. He acknowledges the struggle to be functional, fully-realized humans. It’s the world and it’s also life.

Grade: 4/5


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