The 1985 to bring a range of 1980s styles to Smokestack Brew


In the past year or so, editorials have made the Internet rounds that claims “Rock is Dead.” However, the success of bands like The 1985 in Northwest Indiana and Cougar Hunter in Northeast Indiana, prove that assertion incorrect.

Keep in mind, the named bands are just two examples of tribute bands working to continue the 1980s vibe. The 1985 will bring their range of 1980s styles to Smokestack Brew in Mishawaka, Indiana. The band cites a range of 1980s influences and work them into their high-energy act.

The 1985 is scheduled to play Smokestack Brew Aug. 24, 2019 at 8 p.m.

About The 1985

With a name right out of the middle of the decade, The 1985 seems to have captured the time period from their title to their performance techniques.

The band’s five members, according to their website, are inspired by a wide range of 1980s notables. From Whitney Houston to Duran Duran to Randy Rhoads, the members of The 1985 are likely to cover the tastes of many audiences.

The group’s Facebook page immerses visitors in 1980s nostalgia. From Pac-Man game graphics, to 1980s computer font lettering, bright color schemes, The 1985 brings back the decade they were named for in big and small ways.

There isn’t a lot of information available about the band, but from the group’s social media account and website, it is clear they are available for private parties as well as public performances. The band seems to be accessible via phone, email and website. And, to add to the performance fun, The 1985 posts their starter set list online and welcomes suggestions for additions to that list via their Facebook page.

On their website, the band lists not only members’ names and instruments, but their favorite bits of 1980s nostalgia, from favorite clothing, movie line, performer, etc. All of these elements taken together show that The 1985 is ready to offer audiences serious fun.

The 1985 is comprised of Lisa Vee on lead vocals, Danny Vee on rhythm guitar, keyboards and vocals, Dave “Dr. Feelgood” Taylor on lead guitar, keyboards and vocals, “Captain” Mike Screes on drums and Ross “The Boss” Shelton on bass.

About Smokestack Brew

Located at 100 N. Center St., Mishawaka, Indiana, Smokestack Brew seems to be the place to be for good food and good times. The venue is the fifth one in the same location. According to an article in the South Bend Tribune, the prices are moderate, but people rave about the steak and potato special on Monday nights to go with Monday night football. This is no cheap steak; yet the price remains $5.95. The owners also get to know the names of regulars.

But it isn’t just football and food at Smokestack Brew. A few days per week are dedicated to music in some form. On Thursday nights, there is an all-ages jam session that attracts young performers from middle school to under 21 college students. Friday and Saturday nights are for dance bands, and according to the South Bend Tribune, Smokestack boasts a large dance floor. When The 1985 plays Smokestack Brew, it should be a good time. From the sound of things, The 1985 is likely to not only prove that rock isn’t dead, but that pop and new wave are alive and well, too, along with the rest of the 1980s.

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