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Such is the case with a band out of Austin, Texas by the name of Genuine Leather. Genuine Leather has been a fixture in the burgeoning Austin, Texas music scene since 2009. Recently, they put out an EP that covers years of their records titled, “2011-2019 Demos, Singles and Live.” It is airy, dreamy and filled with synthesized balladry. This material represents a culmination of songwriting, experiences, firmly expressed words and feelings.

By no means are Genuine Leather trying to meld their sound into anything Texan. Instead, they proudly represent their hometown with a unique flair. Their songs are concise and exist within the snappy pop-rock realm in the post-punk era. Their tracks are messily creative and refreshingly unique. While performing in studio or onstage they breathe new life into the atmosphere. A majority of their songs are covers, but to call them that would be doing this group a disservice.Rather than merely narrowing down their songs to covers, it is much more appropriate to consider these guys revivalists. They add a new perspective  and significant shimmers to songs that were previously crafted. Whether they are better or worse is merely subjective, but one fact cannot be argued: these songs are changed and performed in ways never heard before. Some call it an alteration, some consider it a revamp process. Regardless, when a song is covered by Genuine Leather, it receives a fix of some sort. Most of the time, that song revision is done in an uplifting and reminiscent fashion.

As a garage pop outfit, this band receives inspiration from The Eagles. Frontman Chris Galis considers The Eagles his gateway into the world of rock. As meticulous songwriters with super high standards for arrangement, The Eagles are legendary musical models.

Recently, GL gained a fair amount of traction due to their remake of Tom Waits’ “Ol’ 55.” They came up with this idea during one of their back and forth workshop sessions that involves drinkin’ brews and remembering the good times. In those exercises, they tend to geek out over old material and that is when they decided to cover, “Ol’ 55.”


Clearly, The Eagles are monumental for the inception and continuance of this group. Nevertheless, Genuine Leather channels motivation from a rollicking fusion of influences. They refuse to remain boxed in. As they continue to expand beyond one eclectic palette or sonic approach, they dabble in different genres. Some of them being glam rock, new age, guilty pleasure, folk, psych pop, power pop and indie pop. They specialize in guitar solo riffs, compelling vocals and harmonization.

Breaking into Genuine Leather

With subtle richness, these garage purveyors scale climbing synths with clever shifts. Their faraway vocals sometimes teeter into sad bastard territory. Never one to alienate their audience, they go through terrific phases that encapsulate multiple pieces of their existence. They blend barroom crunch with distorted seventh chord blissful melodies. A major selling point of this band is their lush guitar sweetness. Combined with broad strokes of echoing vocals and immaculate percussion they compose supersonic, shiny embellished tracks. Altogether, they do a spectacular job of driving an impenetrable wedge between rock and folk.A major factor for their knowledge of the industry comes from experience. Their frontman Chris Galis has been with a few different bands and has made music in some way, shape or form since 2004. Also, Chris works in conjunction with local bands to boost their online presence through a company called Volusion. He handles the increase in SEO Ranking, User Experience and Content Marketing with creative competence. This particular group has been together for nearly a decade and they are ready  to let the world hear their refined retrospective.


At the moment, Genuine Leather is fine tuning their skills and trying to garner a significant following before spending every penny to go on the road. Sure, they are responsible for heralded sculptures of creative manifestations. But, Genuine Leather want to make sure that touring will yield a decent profit before embarking upon this journey, so that they maintain a solid return on investment. After all, that is the name of the game.


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