The Bergamot to play free concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana


Brooklyn-based indie folk rock group, The Bergamot is coming to Fort Wayne, Indiana. The band will play a free concert as part of the Allen County Public Library’s Summer Concert Series. The show will take place at 11:30 a.m., Aug. 14, 2019.

The Bergamot is a highly regarded band with critics in the US and UK giving it high praise for originality and for having “a sound the indie world has been waiting on,” according to Atwood Magazine. Getting to know a bit more about The Bergamot is to wade through heaps of high praise. That the group is coming to Fort Wayne and offering a free concert is especially nice.

About The Bergamot

The founding members of The Bergamot are husband and wife Nathaniel Hoff and Jillian Speece. The two met in high school in South Bend, Indiana in 2003, and attended college at Fort Wayne’s Indiana University-Purdue University, now known as Purdue Fort Wayne.

The band officially formed in 2009. Since then, Hoff and Speece decided to tour the US and Europe. They have recorded several albums that are highly regarded.

Hoff and Speece are joined by backing musicians that help round out the band’s trademark sound. But the founding members are also The Bergamot’s songwriters.

The Bergamot earned worldwide fame by winning the Bud Light Battle of the Bands competition in 2012. They have been gaining audiences around the globe ever since with their positive music and good vibes.

Still, The Bergamot continues to earn accolades and win prizes. Even as they have played more than 500 concert dates in all 50 US states. In 2017, the group won the Project Aloft Star, via Aloft Hotel in North America.

In addition to fans and critics, The Bergamot is popular with other musicians. The list of performers that The Bergamot has played with is filled with notables and household names. For example, the group has opened up for Wiz Khalifa, Young the Giant and All American Rejects.

The Bergamot is inspired by groups such as Pink Floyd, Ryan Adams, Joni Mitchell and The Beatles.

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