O Rani dhuan sa utha – Suresh Wadkar – Usha Khanna – Ravi Kumar | Bhayanak (1979)


Movie – Bhayanak (1979)

O Rani dhuan sa utha was featured in AVM Arts International’s horror flick Bhayanak (1979), directed by S U Syed and produced by A V Mohan. The movie starred Mithun Chakraborty, Ranjeeta Kaur, Nilu Phule, etc.

Vijay (Mithun) is a police officer and falls in love with Renu (Ranjeeta Kaur) after saving her from some goons. Renu does not have relatives in the town and begins dating Vijay. They get married and soon, he is transferred to Mangalpur. He goes ahead of her to arrange for their lodging. On receiving his telegram, she comes to the strange place and is whisked off to a mansion by a driverless horse carriage.

The next day her bloodless dead body is found by a fisherman. Vijay is stunned and full of gloom after losing the love of his life. His superior is suspicious of the different tribal communities living in the wilderness. The scene changes to the location of a tribal community.

Educated in the city, Raja (Ravi Kumar) the son of the headman, returns home to receive an unprecedented welcome. Raja’s father tells him that since he was in love with the daughter of a rival tribal community headman, Rani (Rehana Sultana); his father had sent him off to the city with the excuse of studies. Raja sneaks out to meet Rani. After they meet, their tribes’ members meet and decide in vengeance that they would kill the other tribe’s headman’s child. Raja and Rani hear this and run away together.

A horse carriage comes to stand in front of them. The carriage takes them to a mansion. The owners of the mansion display good hospitality to them. I was wondering how this average looking girl (Razia Sultana) laden with heavy make-up was finalized for this role. There is a bathing scene in which she bathes partly nude, her breasts covered by her hair on either side. They seem to have tried to launch her like the actor Rehana Sultan. But, both the attempts fall flat.

The owner of the mansion serves good food to the couple and sends them to their own rooms to sleep that night. When Raja wakes up in the morning, Rani is not around and he sings this song to call her.

Song – O Rani dhuan sa utha

Indeevar wrote the lyrics and Usha Khanna composed the tune for O Rani dhuan sa utha.

The man sings, “O Rani, there is fog everywhere. I don’t want to lose my beloved in it.”

Video – O Rani dhuan sa utha

The cinematography is by Sudarshan Naag. Dance choreography is by P L Raj-M Naidu.

The video opens with Ravi Kumar moving about the premises of the mansion looking for Razia Sultana. The whole atmosphere is eerie. You get a creepy feeling that something is about to happen. He begins to sing. Razia Sultana is lying on the surface of a water body on a wooden plank. Ravi Kumar thinks he sees Razia Sultana in a dream. The song and the video end abruptly, there.


Suresh Wadkar sang O Rani dhuan sa utha for Ravi Kumar. Razia Sultana is lying on a wooden plank on a water body.

Cultural Influence

Songs are present in the movies to break the monotony of the movie. But, this typical filmi song is an impediment in the continuity of the movie. We don’t want to know how this guy is trying to find his girlfriend. We want to know what happened to her. However, the song and artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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