Sanjeevani Bhelande’s Broadway Dreams for Saint Meera


Singer Sanjeevani Bhelande is a very good friend of mine. Our journey of friendship began soon after I interviewed her for a couple of print magazines soon after her Kareeb (1998) was released. We have done profile interviews and even an interior article of her home for a print newspaper. The friendship became stronger when she sent me a copy of her Meera and Me (audio CD and book), which I reviewed for another website.

This girl is one possessive friend of mine. During this video interview, she actually pestered me to remove my eye-glasses (I had my first glasses at 15), “Your eyes are beautiful. Why do you hide them?” I don’t know what she is talking about. This is because at the school (where I was teaching), where my ankle had got fractured, I was asked by the principal, “Do you think you are pretty?” This happened when I protested against the bullying students. I have never thought myself to be even a Plain Jane. How can I think of myself pretty or beautiful? Besides, I don’t see the connection between teaching and being beautiful. Do teachers walk the ramp in class for beauty pageants?

Some people say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Others say that it lies in specific areas of the body. I have never thought about my looks at any time. The viewers will know what I mean. Sanjeevani found my eyes beautiful because she herself is beautiful and her soul is more beautiful than her. Even Mom has become a fan of her personality and singing, now.

Asked to describe her musical journey, in brief, Sanjeevani says, “I met ‘Sur’ and I am happy that in the last 25 years ‘Sur’ has never left my side. So, that’s my musical journey in a nutshell.”

Bollywood and Sanjeevani Bhelande’s Broadway Dreams

Some of her favorite Bollywood songs sung by her:

Jo tum todo Piya… Meera and Me (2019)

Karna fakiri phir kya dilgiri… Meera and Me (2019)

Hori Piya bin lagare khari… Meera and Me (2019)

Tum juda hokar hamein… Kareeb (1998)

Sab mil mangal gao maayi… Janmashtami song for Rajshri Soul

Maayi mharo sapna ma parnyo re Dinanath…

Aaye jo mhare des Bansiwala…

Aap yun faslonse guzarte rahe… Shankar-Hussain (1977)

Mohe panghat pe Nandlal… Moghul-e-Aazam (1960)


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