Late Singer Mohammad Aziz’s Birthday


Today is late Singer Mohammad Aziz’s birthday. Last year, I was in conversation with him for a video interview. He had told me to contact after November 27. But, he expired on that day; dashing my hopes to meet him again for the interview. When God decides to call back one of his creations, intentions of insignificant people like me are not considered by Him. I will regret about this loss for my whole life. :’(

Bollywood and late Singer Mohammad Aziz

If God-willing, if I had met him for the interview, I would have asked him to list and sing his favorite songs. But then, fate had something else in store for both of us. Here are some songs sung by him from the 1990s:

Tu hi meri prem kahani… Patthar Ke Insaan (1990)

Yeh jeevan jitni baar mile… Banjaran (1991)

Rab ko yaad karoon… Khuda Gawah (1992)

Aadmi zindagi aur yeh aatma… Vishwatma (1992)

Bahut jatate ho pyar humse… Aadmi Khilona Hai (1993)

Mere dilka hukum sun… Barsaat Ki Raat (1998)

Na fankar tujhsa… Kroadh (1990). Last year, while writing the post on Mohammad Aziz’s birthday, I could not find this song all over the net. I had intended to ask him about it during the video interview. Unlucky me! 🙁


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