Singer Sudesh Bhosle’s Birthday


Today is Singer Sudesh Bhosle’s birthday. Last year, we did a video interview with him. That post had a list of songs from his favorites. This time, I am going to share some of my favorites sung by him. Talking more about him, he was several years senior to me in the same school/junior college that I had studied – Vivek Vidyalaya, Mumbai. I grew up hearing about his antics in college. 🙂

Bollywood and Singer Sudesh Bhosle’s Birthday

Some of my favorite songs sung by Sudeshji are:

Ek do teen char… Waqt Ki Awaaz (1988)

Ek doosrese karte hain pyar hum… Hum (1991)

Freak out (Parody)… Lamhe (1991)

O laal dupattewali… Ankhen (1993)

Angse ang lagana… Darr (1993)

Bhangra paale… Karan-Arjun (1995)

Na na na na na re… Mrityudaata (1997)

Sona sona… Major Sahab (1998)


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