Aao tumhe pyar karna sikha doon – Mohammad Rafi – Shankar-Jaikishan – Rajendra Kumar | Shatranj (1969)


Movie – Shatranj (1969)

The song Aao tumhe pyar karna sikha doon was featured in Gemini Studios’ spy thriller Shatranj (1969), produced by S S Vasan and N N Sippy and directed by S S Vasan. This was his last movie as a director. The movie starred Rajendra Kumar, Waheeda Rahman, Mahmood, Shashikala, Helen, Achala Sachdev, Madan Puri, Agha, etc.

The movie begins with a helicopter taking away prisoners from an enemy country. The invisible leader of the country assigns a couple of his henchmen to find out more about the man. The scene changes to a hotel’s poolside and a man (Rajendra Kumar) sings this song.

Song – Aao tumhe pyar karna sikha doon

Hasrat Jaipuri has penned the lyrics and Shankar-Jaikishan has composed the tune of the song Aao tumhe pyar karna sikha doon.

The man says that he would teach the children how to be compassionate to one another.

Video – Aao tumhe pyar karna sikha doon

Director of photography is K H Kapadia. Dance choreography is by B Hiralal-Satyanarayan-Surya Kumar-P L Raj.

The video begins with Rajendra Kumar clapping in tune with the music. The children in front of him also clap like him. He begins to sing this song. They play around the swimming pool. Some older girls jump into the pool.

As he plays with the kids, Shashikala is watching him from the top floor of the building near the pool. Shashikala comes to the ground floor and takes a snap of the actor from an open window. The song ends abruptly and the video ends as he kisses one of the kids on the cheek.


Mohammad Rafi sang this song for Rajendra Kumar. Shashikala and some children look on.

Cultural Influence

There is not much cultural influence on this typically filmi song. The song is beautiful and has been rendered by my favorite singer Mohammad Rafi and the video is watchable for the same.


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