Teri meri hai nazar qatil ki khair nahin – Asha Bhonsle – Naushad – Reena Roy | Dharam Kanta (1982)


Movie – Dharam Kanta (1982)

The song Teri meri hai nazar qatil ki khair nahin… appeared in Sultan Productions’ action drama Dharam Kanta (1982) loosely translated as the Balance of Piety directed and produced by Sultan Ahmed. The movie starred Raaj Kumar, Waheeda Rahman, Rajesh Khanna, Jeetendra, Reena Roy, Sulakshana Pundit, etc.

This is the typical lost-and-found type of movie where a leader of dacoits Thakur Bhavani Singh (Raaj Kumar) repents his ways after a kidnapped child dies in his attempt to return him to his parents. He had kidnapped the kid for ransom. During floods, Bhavani Singh’s family gets scattered in every direction. He surrenders himself to the police and is sentenced to life imprisonment. He is only in touch with his wife Radha (Waheeda Rahman).

Each child is adopted by someone or the other. Bhavani Singh’s first son Ram becomes Shankar (Rajesh Khanna) and assists a bandit (M Rajan), who accomplishes mass dacoities on trains. Handmade toy vendor, Bijlee (Reena Roy) is his girlfriend. Shiva (Jeetendra) is Bhavani Singh’s second son and assists another goon (Mukri). Shiva regrets his life of crime because he wanted to join the police force. Once Shiva makes off with Shankar’s loot and Shankar is arrested. Shiva has a girlfriend, too. The girlfriend is a nautch girl Chanda (Sulakshana Pundit). Coming out of prison, Shankar locates Shiva at Chanda’s home and they fight. Chanda’s boss (Manorama) calls the police and both are arrested.

At the prison, Shankar and Shiva meet their birth father Bhavani Singh, without knowing the truth. Bhavani Singh performs the duty that he should have done during his children’s childhood, i.e. giving them moral values. The youngsters begin to revere Bhavani Singh and go to the extent of saving his life by giving blood when an old enemy Jwala Singh (Amjad Khan) shoots the older man. Post recovery, Bhavani Singh is released because of his good conduct and given some amount of money and some land. Jwala Singh wants to kill Bhavani Singh because he thinks this older man is responsible for his father Chandan Singh’s (Amjad Khan again) death.

On the heels of the release of Bhavani Singh, Jwala Singh accomplishes a prison-break. Behind him, even Shankar and Shiva escape from the prison, together since they are chained to each other. How convenient! In the process, they save each other’s lives and become good friends without realizing that they are sons of the same parents. Jwala Singh destroys the new harvest from Bhavani Singh’s fields.

Chanda, having run away from her tormentors, is living with Bijlee and Bijlee is beaten up by Chanda’s boss, instead of her. To save Bijlee, Chanda surrenders to her boss. Her boss plans a last and final dance for Chanda at Harnam Singh’s (Satyen Kapoo) mansion. Post that, she plans to sell Chanda to a rich man.

Harnam Singh has adopted Bhavani Singh’s third child, a daughter, Ganga (Heena Kausar). Having been released by Chanda’s boss, the heavily bruised Bijlee reaches home and informs Shankar and Shiva about Chanda’s predicament. Jwala Singh wants Ganga for himself, against her wishes and kidnaps her in front of family and friends. Shankar and Shiva arrive and fight off the goons trying to molest Chanda. They get to know that Ganga has been abducted by Jwala Singh and follow him hidden from the villains.

With Shankar and Shiva’s mentors visiting Bhavani Singh’s home, Radha and Bhavani Singh know that the 2 young men and Ganga are after all Bhavani Singh’s children. In the meantime, Shankar and Radha have been caught by Jwala Singh and about to be killed. Chanda’s boss has brought Bijlee and Chanda to Jwala Singh to sell them to him. Radha has also been bound and about to be immolated with wooden logs. When the dacoit is about to kill Shankar, Bijlee catches hold of the sword and stops him. She also begins to sing this song.

Song – Teri meri hai nazar qatil ki khair nahin

The music of the song Teri meri hai nazar qatil ki khair nahin… was composed by Naushad Sahab and the lyrics were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

The girl challenges the villains that she would not let anyone hurt her man and his mother.

Video – Teri meri hai nazar qatil ki khair nahin

Director of photography is R D Mathur. Dance choreography is by Satyanarayan-Gopi Krishna-Kamal-P L Raj.

The video opens with Reena Roy stopping the sword from hitting Rajesh Khanna. Waheeda Rahman is worried. Reena Roy snatches the sword from Amjad Khan and begins to dance. Amjad Khan drinks some alcohol from a metal goblet and throws the remaining amount on Rajesh Khanna’s face.

Amjad Khan’s henchmen bring a whole set of swords and Reena Roy dances on them. I happen to remember the climax of Sholay (1975) where Hema Malini dances on glass pieces. The floor was filled will blood there. But, here no blood is seen. Others like Sulakshana Pundit, Manorama, etc. are shocked. Amjad Khan approaches Waheeda Rahman with a flaming torch.

Reena Roy distracts him and throws the torch away from him after snatching it. Amjad Khan is amused. But, he gets another torch and throws it on the wood surrounding Waheeda Rahman. The song ends abruptly. The video ends as someone catches the torch before it lands on the logs.


Asha Bhonsle has sung for Reena Roy. Sulakshana Pundit. Amjad Khan, Waheeda Rahman, Manorama and others are also seen in the video.

Cultural Influence

This is a typically filmi song added just near the climax. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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