Song of the Day: “Father and Son”


Happy Monday, LemonWire readers. For today’s song of the day, we’ll be looking at “Father and Son” in honor of Father’s Day yesterday.

This week, we won’t be grouping our songs with a theme as we usually do. In honor of both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, we’ll be bringing together a group of songs that celebrate the ones who brought us into the world. Moms and Dads, this week’s for you.

While you may think that we’ll be listening to Cat Stevens’ “Father and Son”, we’re actually going to look at a song by the same name from Flight of the Conchords. Because who doesn’t want to start the week off with a little bit of fun?

“Father and Son” comes from Flight of the Conchords’ Live in London performance, which was taped around the same time as their HBO special, “Flight of the Conchords: Live at the London Apollo” last year. The album of their performance was recently released earlier this year.

Flight of the Conchords

For years, Flight of the Conchords have been giving the world a taste of New Zealand folk comedy music. Even in the earlier years, it seemed like the duo was destined for greatness. From their self-titled HBO show directed by Taika Waititi, to the numerous cameos and musical appearances (Rick & Morty’s “Goodbye Moonmen”), Brett McKenzie and Jemaine Clement remain “the almost award-winning fourth-most-popular folk duo in New Zealand”.

Father and Son

The similarities to Cat Stevens end with a slight nod to Stevens in the title. Flight of the Conchords’ “Father and Son” replaces the sensitive heartbreaking popular song with a hilarious dialogue between, you guessed it, a father and son.

This structuring serves the Conchords well, especially when played live in front of an audience, as it allows both McKenzie and Clement to fall into their own characters. They’ve used a similar structure in songs like “Jenny”, and “Iain and Deanna”.

Not much can be said for the music of “Father and Son” itself. This is mainly a song where the comedy takes front and center. Although, it should be noted that it’s made all the more hilarious by the fact that it’s sung over a continuous, soft, sentimental chord progression.


While the song starts off with a sweet melody and soon coaxes you into thinking it’s going to be an equally sweet song, the lyrics take a sharp turn pretty quickly. One of the first exchanges we hear between the two begins to reveal the real nature of their relationship.


“Son I know it’s hard to watch your Daddy cry
It hasn’t been easy since your Momma died
But don’t you worry, we’ll be alright
Remember we’re a family just you and I”


“You know very well Dad Momma didn’t die
She just hooked up with another guy
His names Trevor and now they live together
That’s where you pick me up on Fridays nights”

Throughout the rest of the song, we get a handful of great questions from Brett’s son character. Questions like, “Will I fall in love and will it be forever / Or will she leave me one day for someone like Trevor?” Then of course, the words of advice from Jemaine as Dad are all gold. “Well you just never know how love will end / But never ever introduce her to your handsomest friend”.

As the song continues, it keeps revealing more about the relationship of this comedic father and son pairing. The final punchline pulls the rug out from under you with the line, “No Son don’t you sit on my knee / You’re too big now you’re thirty-three”.

Final Thoughts

I really did consider covering Cat Stevens’ “Father and Son” today, but I figured that Flight of the Conchords brings a more modern take to the song. As just one guy who came from a divorced household, this one hits pretty close to home for me. And to be honest, that just makes it even funnier.

So if you also come from a family of divorce, be sure to share this song with your dad and/or step-dad. While they might not fully appreciate it’s subject matter, you might be able have a nice little bonding moment. If not, you can casually remind them that it technically isn’t Father’s Day anymore.

That about wraps it up for today. Tomorrow, we’ll look at another song where the parents take center stage. That’s something to be excited for, right?




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