Song of the Day: “Wink”


Happy hump day internet. Today, we’re going to be looking at the song “Wink” by The Voidz.

This week, I’m taking the liberty of curating each song more so than I usually do. Rather than picking a theme and running with it, every song we’ll look at this week comes from my own personal playlist. So you’ll get to see all the songs I’ve been playing on repeat recently.

On my morning drive today, I was feeling a bit lethargic. It was the first hint of that mid-week slump that can be so easy to fall into. So naturally, I browsed through my playlists, looking for a song that could simultaneously capture my mood, and then lift it. It was tricky, because I wasn’t in the mood for a feel-good song.

I found the right one eventually, and thanks to The Voidz, I’m ready to get push through to the weekend. If you’re feeling something similar this Wednesday, I hope that it can do the same for you.

The Voidz

The Voidz are an experimental rock band formed in part by Julian Casablancas of The Strokes. Other members of the band include Jeramy “Beardo” Gritter (guitar), Amir Yaghmai (guitar), Jacob “Jake” Bercovici (bass, synthesizers), Alex Carapetis (drums), and Jeff Kite (keyboards).

Originally known as Julian Casablancas and The Voidz, the group changed their name after the release of their debut album, “Tyranny”, in 2014. The group signed onto Julian Casablancas’ record label, Cult before signing with RCA to release their second album, “Virtue” in 2018.

I’ve recently become a big fan of The Voidz, though I’ve only listened to their second album, “Virtue”. But pretty much everything I’ve heard from them I’ve liked, save for one or two tracks that were a little too abrasive for my liking. I think their biggest strength is their tendency to take big risks that can result in some really creative songwriting choices. But their biggest weakness might be that sometimes they go a little too far in the direction of pushing back against the mainstream, that they end up with some songs which are hard to listen to.


“Wink” has slowly become on of my favorite songs from The Voidz. It wasn’t released as one of the singles for the album, and is placed about halfway through the album, which means you’ll have to wade through some weird songs before discovering it on your own.

While it’s not the happiest song in the world, “Wink” has a taste that’s a little more sweet than bitter. It’s a toned-down, upbeat song with some melodic pop elements and a catchy melody. The muted guitar uses either a chorus pedal or phaser to give the song an almost underwater or surf-rock feel. Julian Casablancas’ filtered and compressed vocals help to convey the bittersweet mood of “Wink”.


The lyrics to “Wink” are sprinkled with both nonsensical and surprisingly poignant phrases. But as usual, we’ll start with the first verse, and take it from there.

“I see the writing on the wall
I was playing it too safe
Playing it too safe is dangerous

All the things that kept me going
Was all the things that slowed me down
I see the writing on the wall”
Here we can see the paradoxical lyrics still manage to convey a meaning that make some sense. Someone can play too safe by staying in their comfort zone, and by never leaving it, their actions become dangerous, as they’ll never grow or change for the better.
One of the things I like about “Wink”, is that it’s a song that doesn’t repeat the chorus word for word every time its played. Here’s one of the sillier choruses in “Wink”, where we get some more nonsensical lyrics.
“I wanna put you in my crocodile mouth
And drag you to the, right over my swamp
Oh, fuck yeah
It’s gonna be something to see”
I’m just going to leave that there.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in a bit of a crappy, mid-week slump, I thoroughly recommend “Wink” by The Voidz as a way to shake yourself out of it. And if you’re not in a slump, consider listening to it anyway. It’s a good song, and a decent introduction to The Voidz if you’re interested.

Also, I officially apologize for not posting a song of the day yesterday. The time got away from me. But that about does it for our discussion today. If you liked today’s song, be sure to come back tomorrow for another goodie from my playlist.





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