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Aditi Iyer, the 14-year-old Western vocalist, who loves to sing Classical/Opera, Pop and Broadway musical songs in her own unique ‘popera’ style, released her new original – She’s not there, today.

Talking about her album, she said, “I am very delighted that our original collaboration, She’s not there has released today. Lise Jonsson has given fantastic music, arrangement and video and Ed Millican has penned the powerful lyrics of She’s not there. I am grateful to them for this chance to sing this beautiful classical based song in my own unique style. As I recorded this song, I realized the sadness of the situation when parents are addicted to prescription drugs, the children suffer the most. This is the underlying message of this impactful song.”

About the song – She’s not there

It’s about parents neglecting their children because of a drug addiction consuming them entirely. Ed Millican has written about this topic in an impactful manner. He was inspired to write this song after watching a talk show about an American family suffering from Prescription Drug Addiction. In his words, “A little girl of 12 had to grow up fast and even assume the role of a mother since her mother could no longer do so, as a result of her addiction to strong pain medicines. A strong side effect of these medications was the suppression of emotions, thus inspiring the title, She’s not there.”

With this song, its creators hope to create awareness about the dangers of drug overuse so that this will bring about the required social change and save many lives. It’s a very sad yet beautiful song. The best part of this collaboration is the diversity of different cultures coming together. This is India (Aditi), Norway (Lise) and America (Ed) – a collaboration with an empowering message.

Aditi Iyer sings She’s not there.
Aditi Iyer sings She’s not there.

About Aditi Iyer

Aditi Iyer is a 14-year-old Western vocalist. According to her, “Music and singing run in my veins.” She has over 150 music videos sung by her on her YouTube channel and 17500 followers on her Facebook profile page. She aims to become an accomplished international singer. We did a video interview with her, recently.


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