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Tyron Frampton resides in Great Britain and his most recent album, “Nothing Great About Britain” illustrates the divisive nature of the United Kingdom. His moniker, “slowthai” derives from a derogatory nickname kids gave him due to the fact that he would slur, mumble and have difficulty focusing his attention for any major spans of time.

Proudly representing the Bush sector of Northampton, slowthai brings about nihilistic optimism and creates a caricature of the current state of affairs in his native country.

Only get one life – -no simulator

Growing up about sixty miles north of London in the low-rise housing projects of Bush, Northampton molded slowthai into the cunningly outspoken artist he is today. Additionally, the area is  awash in greenery which serves an ulterior purpose- – to cover unsightly blocks of land and to keep the vicinity hidden. Thus, the activities, general population and low income atmosphere instills into residents that Bush is all you will ever be. Now, slowthai has flipped the script on those predestined roles and earned his qualifications through brilliant wordplay and a refreshing approach to the British “grime” wave.

A Northampton creative genius, Alan Moore has been a major influence on slowthai since a young age. His idea of psychogeography considers a person’s surrounding landscape to be much more than just the sum of its physical components. The idea that there is much more to any place than only the eye can perceive has helped slowthai immensely.

Whether it be representing the area he’s from in an unorthodox manner or attracting new fans from various genres, slowthai proves that he cannot be boxed in. His punk rock song, “Doorman” portrays incredible crossover appeal and his work on “Slaves!” helped him tap into entirely new target audiences en route to becoming a European stalwart.

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As half Bajan (Barbados) and half Asian, Ty has commonly been confused for Caucasian. His ethnicity is one of several ways that he separates himself from the pack. On the album cover, he plays the role of jester or joker and allows people to laugh at him in order to create a deeper dialogue. He stands nude and his grin is crude while his arms dangle from medieval stocks in front of the Spring Boroughs Council Estate. Representing the NN post code of Northampton, Ty has progressed significantly throughout his life, even completing a stint at Northampton music school. His passion for grime dates back his teens when an aunt dated a show promoter and he would sneak in through the fire escapes to witness the liveliness.

NGAB deals with many tropes, one of them being an inner conflict with his ‘ends’ or hometown.

While he still resides in Northampton, slowthai clearly feels the pull that has started to occur from his burgeoning musical efforts. He is fiercely loyal and proud of his hometown, yet remains outward-looking. Inspired by many ideologies, topics and characteristics, slowthai deals with contradiction.https://dazedimg-dazedgroup.netdna-ssl.com/700/azure/dazed-prod/1260/7/1267186.jpgThe way slowthai composes his tracks empowers others to wear their hearts on their sleeves. With no hesitancy to exhibit vulnerability, he sees music much like a diary space and does not exist within any boundaries or limitations. With internalized dialogue that often bounces back and forth between different realms of self, slowthai can be very reflective. With that being said, he also juxtaposes that calming inner depth with aggression and lewdness. He attacks the mic with abrasive energy, scowling renditions and visceral tones of inflection. Regardless, he has an extremely contagious enthusiasm.

Riotous tongue

In person, slowthai is rather mellow, but onstage he cannot be tamed. Often stripping down to his boxers to symbolize the deconstruction of masculine toxicity, slowthai is vividly provocative. At shows, he waves the Union flag to stir consternation. Another very interesting concert ploy that he institutes is the mounting of mirrors on his set to symbolize that he and his fans are all an equal reflection of one another. With vigorous relatability and captivating charisma, slowthai provides anecdotes to resolutely forgotten people from his ends.


The subject matter on this project is unapologetically brilliant. As a social renegade, he publicly criticizes the political calamity of Britain as it traverses through a hectic era (Brexit, EU.) Slowthai riffs on nationalism, poverty, elitism and shows no reverence to Queen Elizabeth or Prime Minister Theresa May in the process. He firmly rejects the social mores of an imperialist institution and the classism spewed throughout. As a challenge to his country’s current climate, he outlines his opposing beliefs to the primitive ideologies that place patriotism and the aristocracy of the monarch on a pedestal. With detailed accounts of inequality and corruption, this anarchist articulates his disgruntlement with the paradoxical incongruence that is deeply rooted within the country’s nature.



“Nothing Great About Britain “(Method Records) is cynical, yet sincere, and thrusts cultural commodities into tiers of the public consciousness. It captures specific societal experiences and illuminates existing cultural disposition. Slowthai demonstrates sharp wit, frenetic energy and cheekiness en route to shattering genre confines. On the flip side, he also conveys empathetic expression, joviality and internal duality.

Clearly, a multi-faceted artist, he reveals tremendous imagery through theatrical, urgent and uncompromising lyrics. Catch slowthai in concert at the Glastonbury Festival on June 29, 2019.


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