GSA IT Schedule 70 Leaders in Sales for Q1 FY 2019


GSA and VA Schedules are the most widely used government contracts with over $40 billion dollars in annual sales. When it comes to federal contracting, the GSA IT Schedule 70 contract is the again and again the leader in annual sales. This should come as no surprise, as IT Equipment, Software & Services is an ever-growing industry.

For fiscal year 2018, Schedule 70 contracts accounted for over $15 billion in sales, roughly a third of the over $45 billion in total sales to government buyers. In comparison, Schedule 75 sales for FY 2018 reached just over $350 million.

GSA IT Schedule 70 Leaders in Sales

The table below consists of a list of the top ten companies in Schedule 70 sales for the first quarter of fiscal year 2019.

Company Name FY 2019, Q1 Sales
Dell Federal Systems L.P. $174,799,632
Carahsoft Technology Corporation $166,292,093
Cellco Partnership Inc. $142,871,904
Dell Marketing L.P. $99,052,717
immixTechnology Inc. $89,164,576
Four LLC $87,964,234
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. $73,147,425
CDW Government LLC $71,330,560
Accenture Federal Services LLC $70,480,721
International Business Machines $66,125,975


You can find more Federal contractors by taking advantage of our GovMik resource.

Dell Federal Systems L.P., Carahsoft Technology Corporation, Cellco Partnership Inc., Dell Marketing L.P., immixTechnology Inc., Four LLC, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., CDW Government LLC, Accenture Federal Services LLC, International Business Machines.


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