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Movie – Kalyug Aur Ramayan (1987)

VIP Films’ take on the societal situation in the 1980s – Kalyug Aur Ramayan (1987) – produced by Shashi Goswami and directed by Babubhai Mistry; featured this song Kalyug ki kanya milne judge ko chali… The movie starred Manoj Kumar, Madhavi, Om Prakash, Bindu, Rajiv Goswami, Prem Chopra, Satish Shah, etc.

Lord Rama sends Lord Hanuman to the earth to look at the society in India. When the Monkey God reaches here, He is mistaken for a spy from an enemy country by His own devotee a police inspector Thakur Hanuman Singh (Satish Shah). As Lord Hanuman begins to display His divinity, Lord Rama changes Him to a human being Pawan Kumar (Manoj Kumar). Pawan Kumar is a king of a princely state and a business tycoon. Due to Lord Rama’s boon, He is able to speak English and modern Hindi quite well.

Lord Hanuman, in the guise of the tycoon Pawan Kumar, makes fun of His own devotee Thakur Hanuman Singh. Kamla (Bindu) is the guest of honor in a club’s fancy dress competition where her own daughter-in-law Sarita (Madhavi) is performing the role of Manthara (a negative character in the Epic Ramayana, who is responsible for the entire story to take place including the exile of Lord Rama). Sarita receives the first prize.

Kamla meets Pawan Kumar through the evil Bhairon Singh (Prem Chopra) and his secretary Kamini (Huma Khan) and they plot to loot the rich Pawan Kumar. Kamla introduces her daughter-in-law to ensnare Him into her web. He insults Sarita and leaves the club. Sarita plots to accomplish their plan and sends Kamini to invite Him to a nearby swimming pool, the next day. But, it does not work. Instead, Pawan Kumar finds that the family is cheating to win in the horse races. He intervenes and makes them lose.

Pawan Kumar also finds that Kamla’s penniless husband Dashrath’s (Om Prakash) mother is suffering from cancer and also sees the old man begging for money in front of Kamla. Kamla and her sons Raman (Rajiv Goswami) and Daman (Rahul) insist that he get his mother to reveal the location of their family treasure  – the idols of Lord Rama, Lady Sita and Lakshman. Dashrath refuses and his family leaves him lamenting. Pawan Kumar intervenes and gives him money to bring his mother to Mumbai for cancer treatment.

Having lost most of their money in the races, Kamla and her sons turn to Bhairon Singh. This evil man has a wicked eye on Sarita and tempts the family to get involved in smuggling, with an investment of 40 lacs (4 million). They don’t have that much money. So, Kamla and company decide to entice the people infatuated with each of them for the money. Kamla contacts their bank manager. Raman contacts Kamini. Sarita contacts Bhairon Singh and Daman contacts his fiancée Nirmala (Sonika Gill). Nirmala is already pregnant with Daman’s baby.

In the meantime, Pawan Kumar disguises himself as an ascetic and makes himself comfortable in Dashrath’s bungalow. Soon, the old man is back with his mother (Sarita Devi). When Bhairon Singh brings in the first illegal consignment, Pawan Kumar makes sure that the truck reaches the nearest police station and the goons are arrested. In a bid get their henchmen released, the family finds that the judge, who would be dealing with the case, was Shyam Diwakar. Judge Shyam Diwakar (Parikshit Sahni) turns out to be Sarita’s college-mate and a silent admirer. He had been disappointed on hearing about her marriage with Raman and remained a confirmed bachelor. She decides to meet him pretending to be an ascetic.

Pawan Kumar disguises as a folk singer and taunts Sarita about her intentions.

Song – Kalyug ki kanya milne judge ko chali

Verma Malik wrote the lyrics and Kalyanji-Anandji set the tune of Kalyug ki kanya milne judge ko chali…

The man sings, “A girl living in Kalyug (a modern girl) is going to meet the judge. A cat ate 900 rats and went for pilgrimage.”

Video – Kalyug ki kanya milne judge ko chali

The cinematography is by V K Murthy. Dance choreography is by Manohar Naidu.

The video opens with Madhavi walking in a garden wearing the dress of a female ascetic. Manoj Kumar appears wearing traditional clothes and begins to sing this song. He is playing the dafli. Some other actors with a couple of percussion instruments come there and encircle her.

Manoj Kumar begins to taunt her. Madhavi is completely irked by the senior actor’s behavior. He and the other men follow her everywhere. Bindu and Rahul are watching the scene. Manoj Kumar taunts them as well.

Parikshit Sahni is meditating in the verandah of his house. The song disturbs him and he looks up curiously. The song rises to a crescendo and the video ends as Manoj Kumar pushes Madhavi down on the lawn.


Mahendra Kapoor sang this song for Manoj Kumar and Madhavi and others participate in the song.

Cultural Influence

There is not much cultural influence on this typically filmi song. The song and the artists are ok. The video is watchable.


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