Tum jano tum jano ya hum jane – Rafi/Asha – Kalyanji-Anandji – Shatrughan/Reena | Kalicharan (1976)


Movie – Kalicharan (1976)

The song Tum jano tum jano ya hum jane appears in Parthiva Pictures’ Subhash Ghai-directed (debut) action drama Kalicharan (1976). Roughly translated, this name means the feet of Goddess Kali. Produced by N N Sippy, the movie starred Shatrughan Sinha, Reena Roy, Danny Dengzongpa, Madan Puri, Prem Nath, David, etc.

IG Khanna (Prem Nath) is devastated when the fearless cop Prabhakar (Shatrughan Sinha) dies after an accident. For Khanna, Prabhakar was like a son and the cop’s accident looked fishy. Before dying he leaves a cryptic message, which the doctor and Khanna interpret as No 17. A retired jailor (David) tells him that a dreaded prisoner Kalicharan (Shatrughan Sinha again) looks like the deceased inspector. Kalicharan is a ferocious murderer. Khanna immediately jumps into action and declares to the world that Prabhakar is alive. Khanna even lies to his good friend Lion (Ajit).

Next, Khanna gets the government’s permission to take Kalicharan out of the prison for an experiment. He gets the prisoner released and takes him to a hill station to convince him to turn a new leaf, so as to say. But, Kalicharan is a clever man. He runs away the moment he gets a chance. After 2 attempts, Khanna lets go of him and tells him to go anywhere he wanted. But, Khanna’s daughter Anju (Alka) manages to transform the tough nut in Kalicharan. This is because Kalicharan had landed in jail because he had murdered some men, who had raped and killed his sister. The sister-sentiment prevails.

Soon, Kalicharan is presented as ‘Prabhakar’. He is threatened by Lion and the bad guys begin chasing him. The goons engage Jagir Singh’s (Madan Puri) deaf-mute son (Manik Irani) to kill ‘Prabhakar’. The goons try to trap him by playing a game with him. They almost trap him. But, Jagir Singh’s son is killed by the gang just before he is about to be caught. Then, Jagir Singh dies in a scuffle at a hotel where they had planned to kill ‘Prabhakar’. On the New Year’s Eve organized in Lion’s new hotel, ‘Prabhakar’ realizes that the clue from the dead police officer was actually LION and not NO 17. He tries to tell Khanna, who dismisses the whole idea.

‘Prabhakar’ decides to take things in his hands and trap Lion, on his own. For that, he accepts Lion’s invite to visit the older man’s home and also becomes his contact in the police force. The local ration shop owner and Lion’s henchman Lalaji (Krishan Dhawan) has been depriving the poor people of their rightful government-subsidized groceries. With the money ‘Prabhakar” receives from Lion, ‘Prabhakar’ gives away essential stuff to those poor people. During the function organized in honor of Lion, ‘Prabhakar’ and his now girlfriend Sapna (Reena Roy) perform this song (Sapna is Anju’s friend).

Song – Tum jano tum jano ya hum jane

Ravindra Jain and Kalyanji-Anandji have been credited with the lyrics and the music for Tum jano tum jano ya hum jane, respectively.

The song essentially says, “We respectfully greet you, repeatedly. You are so great. These people will not know. You know and I know.”

Video – Tum jano tum jano ya hum jane

Cinematography is by K K Mahajan. Dance choreography is by P L Raj-Satyanarayan.

The video opens with some girls dancing and men playing the dhol. These artists are wearing traditional dresses. Ajit and Krishan Dhawan are enjoying the performance. Shatrughan Sinha pushes aside some people and comes to the forefront, as he begins to sing. He walks in his patent style. Ajit folds his hands in front of the people humbly.

Ajit gets uncomfortable with Shatrughan Sinha’s covert threat. Thunder breaks the clouds and it rains. The lead actor continues to dance with the girls and the other men. Ajit abruptly leaves the place with Krishan Dhawan. Some people including Shatrughan Sinha are disappointed. The music continues.

Dinesh Thakur, who plays Reena Roy’s murdered brother’s friend, begins to play the ghatam. Reena Roy has changed to a traditional dress, similar to the other girls. She begins to sing about her relationship with Shatrughan Sinha. The song peters out and the video ends there. Reena Roy has not much work given to her, despite the fact that she is a murdered man’s sister.

The original Shatrughan Sinha was trying to find the murderer of Reena Roy’s brother. Reena Roy’s character has not been developed properly. The maximum she can do is get into trouble with the goons by meeting them alone and perform a couple of songs. This shows a highly chauvinistic attitude toward female actors. Their presence does not have any logic!


Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bhonsle sang for Shatrughan Sinha and Reena Roy. Ajit, Krishan Dhawan and others look on.

Cultural Influence

This typically filmi song is performed during a function, in the movie. The hero indirectly talks about the villain’s atrocities on the poor people. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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