Mere jeevan saathi kali thi main toh pyasi – Lata Mangeshkar – Naushad – Simi Garewal | Saathi (1968)


Movie – Saathi (1968)

Mere jeevan saathi kali thi main toh pyasi was featured in the Venus Pictures’ C V Sridhar-directed Saathi (1968). The movie was produced by S Krishnamurthy and T Govindarajan and starred Rajendra Kumar, Vaijayantimala, Simi Garewal, Pahari Sanyal, David, Veena, Sanjeev Kumar, Ram Mohan, Shashi Kapoor, Nanda, Shabnam, D K Sapru, Pratima Devi, etc.

Ravi (Rajendra Kumar) returns from abroad, having completed his medical education and takes up a position as chief surgeon in a hospital. He meets Nurse Shanti (Vaijayantimala) and finds their outlook on life is similar. Shanti’s mother is suffering from cancer and dies while Ravi is operating on her. Realizing his responsibility post the death of her mother, he promises marriage to her.

On the other hand, his mentor (Pahari Sanyal) and his family are interested in marrying him to their daughter Rajni (Simi Garewal). But, Ravi’s mentor realizes Ravi’s responsibility toward Shanti and blesses them. Ravi and Shanti get married. The honeymoon gets over when Ravi’s senior doctor (David) finds that Ravi has been too involved with Shanti. So, he visits their home and convinces her to make Ravi concentrate on cancer research. Shanti convinces her husband to avoid distractions and get back to his work.

Ravi gets so involved in his work. Shanti develops complications due to a congenital heart defect and only surgery can save her. By the time Ravi gets to know about it, she is too weak and in no position to tolerate an operation. Ravi takes over the charge to treat her to health and Shanti realizes that she has become an impediment in performing his duty as a surgeon. She leaves him and boards a train, which gets involved in an accident.

Ravi gets frantic when he discovers that Shanti has left him and searches for her everywhere. Soon enough, his senior doctor gives him the information that Shanti expired in the accident. Her body had been carried away by the river under the bridge where the accident had taken place. Ravi cannot forget her. But, he decides to move on in his life. He is unable to concentrate on his work and resigns his job.

In the meanwhile, Shanti is taken by a man, who considers her his own daughter, to Switzerland for her surgery, which is successful. She insists that he should not inform her husband about her recovery and is almost ready to return to India, post some rest. It is at this time that Ravi gets a message that his mentor had a heart attack and rushes back to his mentor’s side. After being convinced by Rajni, to save his mentor’s life, he decides to marry her. But, he is unable to love her as well as he did Shanti. They act like they are happy together in front of her parents and others. During Rajni’s birthday party at her friend’s home, she sings this song.

Song – Mere jeevan saathi kali thi main toh pyasi

Majrooh Sultanpuri Sahab penned the lyrics of Mere jeevan saathi kali thi main toh pyasi and Naushad Sahab composed the tune.

The girl says, “O my Soul Mate, I was a thirsty bud. You saw and I bloomed like in spring.”

Video – Mere jeevan saathi kali thi main toh pyasi

The cinematography is by Marcus Bartley.

The video begins with some female actors teasing Rajendra Kumar and Simi Garewal, the newlyweds in the movie. The ladies take her away from him and violins are strummed in the background.

Simi Garewal begins to sing this song. Couples have begun to dance together. Rajendra Kumar appears disturbed. But, thinks that it is Vaijayantimala, who is singing this song. He is disappointed when he realizes that it is Simi Garewal.

Simi Garewal moves away from the pillar she had been leaning on and Rajendra Kumar continues to see Vaijayantimala. The song peters out and when they look at him, he is not sitting in his chair. The video ends there.


Lata Mangeshkar had sung this song for Simi Garewal and Rajendra Kumar and others are watching her sing. We also see a glimpse of Vaijayantimala in the song.

Cultural Influence

This is a typical filmi very popular song where the second heroine gratefully appreciates the hero’s act of marrying her. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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