“The Voice” season 13 runner-up, Addison Agen to open for Bob Seger


Season 13 runner-up, Addison Agen, now 18, is scheduled to open for legendary rocker, Bob Seger. The two will perform at DTE Energy Music Theater in Clarkston, Michigan. Seger has performance dates scheduled between June 6 and 21. Four of the total of six dates are sold out, and will feature Agen as opening act.

This performance opportunity for Agen represents the post-show achievements that can happen for veterans of “The Voice.”

With the proliferation of music performance shows, one consistent criticism is that the shows do nothing for the contestants after their season is over. Agen and a handful of others from “The Voice” are proving that there is life, and a burgeoning music career, after the popular show ends each season.

Beyond “The Voice”: Addison Agen and others

While audiences are still waiting for a veteran of “The Voice” to become a household name-level star, there have been some notable successes.

Agen joins Jordan Smith, Chloe Kohanski, Cassadee Pope, Josh Kaufman, Sawyer Fredericks and others who won or placed in the finals on “The Voice.” They have also worked or are working on singles and toured with famous performers, and are in general on their way to bigger things, presumably.

One variable to consider is the age of the performers: many participants of “The Voice” are quite young. Agen was 15 when season 13 of “The Voice” began. Logically, regardless of contestants’ ages, it might take a while for them to find the creative footing needed to craft a career. This might be where the tutelage afforded by the contacts they’ve made on the show will be helpful.

Addison Agen on “The Voice” and beyond

For residents of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Agen represented a hometown face to vote for. The then-Concordia High School junior performed at her dad’s record store, the popular Neat, Neat, Neat on Calhoun Street, did town hall meetings at a local library while her season aired, and the results managed to stay secret.

However, after the results were revealed, and viewers learned that Agen came in second, her performances increased. Her first major accomplishment, at least on a local level, was selling out the historic Embassy Theatre for two shows. Agen had been originally scheduled for one show, and when it sold out in two hours, another performance was added, and that, too, sold out. To many, Agen seemed famous already.

Now, it appears that Agen’s public profile has continued to rise. As it has been a couple years since she appeared on “The Voice,” Agen’s current success feels less a holdover from the show, and more a logical step for the singer, even if she is still a teenager. Of course, it is highly likely that she has captured the attention of those in charge of Seger’s tour because of her performances on “The Voice.”

For her part, Agen took to social media to gush over her good fortune at getting the gig with Seger’s tour. The emotion was to be expected, as Seger’s brand of rock ‘n’ roll is popular with people across demographic boundaries. And for good reason: the songs represent solid storytelling, bluesy rock rhythms and a variety of guitar riffs that keep the songs moving. Not to mention Seger’s deep, raspy voice.

With a career spanning more than 50 years, Seger has cultivated a fan multi-generational fan base. Agen also has a knack for songs that are rich with emotion and based on strong narratives.

Performing with the icon should be seen as a major accomplishment for Agen. For now, what she does as a performer will link her to “The Voice.” But Agen’s voice has a great deal to recommend it, whether she had ever performed on “The Voice” or not. While “The Voice” introduced Agen to the world, her talent allows her to earn opportunities to continue to perform and grow.


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