Actor Mahipal’s Death Anniversary


Today is Actor Mahipal’s death anniversary. Born Mahipal Bhandari and known as Mahipal Singh and as Mahipal, he was an interesting actor featuring in mostly stunt and mythological movies like Zabak (1961) and Jai Santoshi Maa (1975). His lead roles in Navrang (1959) and Parasmani (1963) are also acclaimed.

Bollywood and Actor Mahipal’s Death Anniversary

Some of my favorite songs picturized on Mahipal are:

Aadha hai chandrama raat aadhi… Navrang (1959)

Teri duniyase door chale hoke majboor… Zabak (1961)

Chori chori jo rumse mili toh log kya kahenge… Parasmani (1963)

Raushan tumhise duniya… Parasmani (1963)

Woh jab yaad aaye bahut yaad aaye… Parasmani (1963)


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