Top 7 Small Business GSA IT Schedule 70 Holders in Portland, OR


The General Service Administration’s IT Schedule 70 is the government’s primary source for IT acquisitions. This type of contract is widely recognized for its savings in cost and time, as well as its overall value.

Small businesses make up a surprisingly large portion of the overall number of Schedule 70 contracts. Approximately 80 percent of IT Schedule 70 contract holders are small businesses. Additionally, over the past five years, sales to small businesses under the GSA Schedule have increased by approximately 16%.

The list below shows the top small businesses in Portland, Oregon that hold IT Schedule 70 Contracts. Each small business holds contracts in multiple categories, listed in the left column.

IT Schedule 70 Holders in Portland, OR

Contracts Held Vendor
2 Pacific Star Communications, Inc.
2 Arete Technology Solutions, Inc.
3 Bahfed Corp
3 Boundless Assistive Technology, LLC
3 Selectron Technologies, Inc.
3 Squishymedia, Inc.
2 Windsor Solutions, Inc.

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