PnB Rock’s “TrapStar Turnt PopStar”


“TrapStar Turnt PopStar” is PnB Rock’s sophomore effort. The double, loose-concept album features 18 tracks and several guest appearances.


So the first “disc” of the album is 9 Trap songs. PnB Rock gets assists from Quavo, Tea Grizzley, and XXXTENTACION among others. Nothing on the first disc jumps out in the way of bars. PnB Rock blends R&B and hip-hop with the result being a lack of traditional bars. Tea Grizzley and Quavo are supposed to pick up the slack in that department, but none of their verses passed the bar exam.

Anyway, you get 9 solid Trap songs. Nothing spectacular, but the songs make for easy listening, ideal for temperatures above eighty degrees.


“Swervin'” is the first track on the second “disc” and I really thought that PnB Rock had done some kind of conceptual thing. Like I assumed that Trap songs were on disc 1 and pop songs were on disc 2. And I was wrong. Sort of.

PnB Rock did intend for the first disc to be the Trap side and the second the pop side. After that first track however, which is solid, “TrapStar Turnt PopStar” continues to sound like an album of Trap songs. The subject matter on the second half is more concerned with love, sex and relationships, but the beats are Trap through and through.

On “Put You On” there is this lyric: I know you’ve heard this a thousand times. The lyric is about telling a girl she’s beautiful but it works as a concise summary of this album. If you don’t listen carefully you might think that 17 of the 18 songs on the album are the same song. At this point you’ve heard them all a thousand times.

“TrapStar Turnt PopStar”

Though many of the songs sound familiar and despite the lack of traditional bars, “TrapStar Turnt PopStar” still bops. Of his style PnB Rock says, “…. I was like I can make the street n****s f**k with this s**t and b*****s f**k with this s**t at the same time. If I keep it street and talk pain but still keep it like melodic.” That’s definitely the case on this album. The songs are melodic, catchy and unobtrusive. The lyrics will leave you wanting, but if you’re looking for something to throw on to act as a soundtrack this is a decent choice.

Grade: 3/5




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