Singer Aditi Iyer – Looking forward to the Bollywood Challenge


Today, we would like to introduce the 14-year-old, Singer Aditi Iyer. She is an Opera and Pop singer but has challenged herself to sing Bollywood songs. A short tête-à-tête with the little Aditi:

Since when are you singing?

I began humming when I was 9 months old as my parents have told me. At 3 (years of age), I knew all the nursery rhymes and I would sing them. So, technically I started singing at 3.

What was it that attracted you to music? Do you remember?

I was in a way connected to music. I liked how music sounded. I loved music. I think music is in my genes. I think I couldn’t do anything but music. So, honestly, that was attractive to me. I had this musical connection. And so later when I turned 8, I thought of music as a career because I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything but music.

9 Inspiring Songs From Singer Aditi Iyer

She said, “I am going to start by listing 3 classical songs.

  1. Ave Maria… by Caccini
  2. O Mio Babbino Caro… by Puccini. I absolutely love this song.
  3. Aleluje… by Mozart

Now, I am going to list pop songs.

  1. Beatles’ Let it be... This song is amazing and one of the songs sung by my favorite band.
  2. I also love Blackbird… by the Beetles.

After that, I also love the Sound of Music (1965), which is one of my favorite movies.

  1. So, Favorite things… is definitely one of my favorite songs.
  2. I love Hills are alive...
  3. Michael Jackson’s Heal the world…, Black or white… and the USA for Africa…

If I have to list a Bollywood song it will be, I think,

  1. Surmayi ankhiyon mein… from Sadma (1983).”

As a senior journalist, I get to see different types of artists in the music field, day in and day out. But, Aditi is someone to reckon with. Her passion, itself, is her driving force and she has her parents’ support to fall back on. I believe that this little girl is one singer we need to watch out for in the near future.


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  1. She is super talented and amazing. He range is simply awesome…OPERA TO BOLLYWOOD! Just WoW.

    A legend to the world from India….makes us so proud!

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