Jeevan mitana hai deewanapan – Kishore Kumar – Bappi Lahiri – Shammi Kapoor | Armaan (1981)


Movie – Armaan (1981):

The song – Jeevan mitana hai deewanapan… appeared in Sagar Arts (International) Films’ action thriller Armaan (1981) produced and directed by Anand Sagar. The movie starred Shammi Kapoor, Ranjeeta, Raj Babbar, Deepak Parashar, Shakti Kapoor, etc.

Deepak (Deepak Parashar) is a freedom fighter and apparently dies in a bombing attempt on the Britishers and his girlfriend, Aarti (Ranjeeta) tries to commit suicide. Raj (Raj Babbar) rescues her and takes her to the restaurant he runs. At this time, the restaurant’s singer Sam (Shammi Kapoor) sings this song.

Song – Jeevan mitana hai deewanapan:

Jeevan mitana hai deewanapan… was penned by Indeevar and the tune was set by Bappi Lahiri.

The man says that destroying your life is madness. Life is to live and life moves on.

Video – Jeevan mitana hai deewanapan:

The director of photography was K Vaikunth. Dance choreography is by Vijay-Oscar.

The video begins with Shammi Kapoor beginning the song, as he plays the piano. The hotel patrons are clapping, welcoming the singer. Raj Babbar and Ranjeeta enter the hotel and he claps his hands. The song is so situational that Ranjeeta gets mesmerized with the words.

A female dancer performs wearing skimpy clothes. Needless to say, I did not like it. During some intervening music, Raj Babbar introduces Ranjeeta to Shammi Kapoor. The dialogues between them have been muted. There is a change of dress signifying the change of scene.

Only Ranjeeta and Shammi Kapoor are present in the hotel. Shammi Kapoor is sipping whiskey. Ranjeeta moves away with tears in her eyes. Raj Babbar appears at the door. They come closer and embrace, before leaving. The song peters off and the video ends as Shammi Kapoor stays back in the hotel.


Kishore Kumar sang the song Jeevan mitana hai deewanapan… for Shammi Kapoor and Raj Babbar, Ranjeeta and others look on.

Cultural Influence:

There is not much cultural influence on this typically filmi song. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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