Aayega mere sapnonka Raja – Asha Bhonsle – R D Burman – Ranjeeta | Kaun? Kaise? (1983)


Movie – Kaun? Kaise? (1983):

The song – Aayega mere sapnonka Raja was featured in Kaun? Kaise? (1983) meaning Who? How? produced by Rajani Ganguly and Raj Valia and directed by Anil Ganguly. The movie starred Ranjeeta Deepak Parashar, Mithun Chakraborty, Anita Raaj, etc.

This song appears at the beginning of the movie.

Song – Aayega mere sapnon sapnonka Raja:

Gulshan Bawra and R D Burman have penned the lyrics and set the tune for Aayega mere sapnonka Raja…, respectively.

The girl sings, “The beloved of my dreams will come to me and accept me as his wife.”

Video – Aayega mere sapnon sapnonka Raja:

The cinematography is by Prithviraj Subedar. Dance choreography is by Kamal-P L Raj-Madhav Kishan.

The video opens with the camera panning a beautiful natural countryside. The chorus has also begun. Deepak Parashar is seen blowing a cigarette on the bank of a large lake. He perceives a lone girl in a single boat on the lake. He raises his sunglasses to see well. The girl is Ranjeeta and she begins to sing this song.

Deepak Parashar imagines that the girl runs to him in the same beautiful locale. Soon, Ranjeeta falls into the deep waters of the lake and he jumps into the water to save her. A couple of changes in dress later, they visit a temple together. The song peters out and the video also ends there.


Asha Bhonsle has sung Aayega mere sapnonka Raja… for Ranjeeta. Deepak Parashar looks on.

Cultural Influence:

There is not much cultural influence on this typically filmi song. The song and the artists are good. Not much interesting happens in the video. Filmmakers have used the same kind of stuff before. Maybe the movie will get interesting once I see it further. The video of Aayega mere sapnonka Raja… is watchable.


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