Pablo Lanouguere Quintet’s “Eclectico” proves to be a celebration of styles


Bassist and composer Pablo Lanouguere has put together a talented quintet of players. The group’s debut, “Eclectico” is forthcoming May 31, 2019.

A collection of 12 original songs, “Eclectico,” is essentially creative jazz, but the recording demonstrates inspiration from a range of styles from tango to rock ‘n’ roll, and others in between. Lanouguere is known for being a creative composer, and the work here proves that.

About Pablo Lanouguere

Lanouguere was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, he learned about various forms of music and ultimately earned a degree in jazz from Escuela de Musica Popular de Avellaneda.

In 2013, Lanouguere moved to the US and settled in New York City. Once there, the performer found work with Raul Jaurena, Fernando Otero, Daniel Binelli’s Astoria Orchestra, Adam Tully, Emilio Solla and Federico Diaz. He also toured with the Alejandro Ziegler Tango Quartet. In 2016, Lanouguere became a founding member of a traditional tango sextet called Abaddon.

Here, on “Eclectico,” Lanouguere has found his unique voice. After years of playing swing, classical, salsa, Latin jazz and tangos, the composer comes into his own blend of styles.

The sound of “Eclectico” by Pablo Lanouguere Quintet

The quintet defies expectations with songs that have a rockfish sensibility, if not outright rock ‘n’ roll elements, such as “Un Primero Saldra.” In a short sequence of repetition, the sound changes to a sort of rock-jazz fusion with psychedelic tendencies. Still, the violin and bass interchange keeps listeners grooving. None of what the song has contains can be called “common.”

“Hacia Donde Vamos” feels urgent and experimental. There are none of the off-kilter chords that sometimes mark experimental works, however. The chords are heavy. Even when the piano breaks away and plays a lone, brief showcase, the notes rumble with energy. The violin and keyboard make standout motifs here. The song’s tension builds and encourages listeners to hear where the song is going. Like the other thoughtful, but contemporary and energized songs on the album, “Hacia Donde Vamos,” proves that it belongs on a recording called “Eclectico.” Jazz fans, new and veteran, should add this one to their collections.

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