Mera pyar bhi tu hai – Mukesh/Suman – Naushad – Rajendra/Vaijayantimala | Saathi (1968)


Movie – Saathi (1968):

Mera pyar bhi tu hai was featured in the Venus Pictures’ C V Sridhar-directed Saathi (1968). The movie was produced by S Krishnamurthy and T Govindarajan and starred Rajendra Kumar, Vaijayantimala, Simi Garewal, Pahari Sanyal, David, Veena, Sanjeev Kumar, Ram Mohan, Shashi Kapoor, Nanda, Shabnam, D K Sapru, Pratima Devi, etc.

Ravi (Rajendra Kumar) returns from abroad, having completed his medical education and takes up a position as chief surgeon in a hospital. He meets Nurse Shanti (Vaijayantimala) and finds their outlook on life is similar. Shanti’s mother is suffering from cancer and dies while Ravi is operating on her. Realizing his responsibility post the death of her mother, he promises marriage to her.

On the other hand, his mentor (Pahari Sanyal) and his family are interested in marrying him to their daughter Rajni (Simi Garewal). But, Ravi’s mentor realizes Ravi’s responsibility toward Shanti and blesses them. Ravi and Shanti get married and the hospital permits them to go on a honeymoon. I am not really convinced about the plot. Ravi married Shanti only out of duty toward her. But, the couple is shown to be romantically involved. I am not really sure there could be romance in such a couple. They sing this song during the honeymoon.

Song – Mera pyar bhi tu hai:

Majrooh Sultanpuri Sahab penned the lyrics of Mera pyar bhi tu hai and Naushad Sahab composed the tune.

The girl and the man sing about each other that they are each other’s love.

Video- Mera pyar bhi tu hai:

The cinematography is by Marcus Bartley.

The video begins as the lead pair has a romantic conversation and then, the violins are strummed, in the background. The scene changes to a large garden. Vaijayantimala moves away from Rajendra Kumar. But, he catches up with her and holds her hand. She runs away from him. Then, he begins to sing this song. She joins him in the song.

They walk amidst flower plants. The shots are very beautiful. The colorful asters increase the attraction of the song. Soon, he offers her one of the flowers on the plants. The lead pair walks leisurely further in the garden, humming the tune. The song peters out and the video also ends there.


Mukesh and Suman Kalyanpur had sung this song for Rajendra Kumar and Vaijayantimala.

Cultural Influence:

This is a typical filmi very popular song, depicting the heroine and hero’s devotion toward each other. I feel that there is a tinge of sadness in the song. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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