Raga Deshkar


Today’s classical music expert is Brinda Roy Chowdhury. She has selected Raga Deshkar for this week.

Raga Deshkar belongs to Thaat Bilawal. All the swaras are shuddh in this raga. Ma and Ni are not used and hence they are the varjit swaras. Jaati is Audhav- Audhav. Vaadi swara is Dha and Samvadi swara is Ga. Aaroha: Sa Re Ga Pa Dha Sa. Avaroha: Sa Dha Pa, Ga Pa Dha Pa, Ga Re Sa. Pakad: Dha Pa, Ga Pa, GaRe Sa.

The major distinction of this raga from Raga Bhupali is that the Dha is sung at a little higher level in Raga Deshkar. That is, it has to touch a note of Sa and then the Dha is established unlike Bhupali where the note is projected straight. The same is true for the Ga. Here, the Ga is also sung at a higher level than in Raga Bhupali.

Bollywood and Raga Deshkar:

One of Brinda’s most favorite ragas, Raga Deshkar is, unfortunately, a dying raga due to its huge resemblance with Raga Bhupali. Film music has hardly maintained the proper distinction between the 2. The songs based on this raga are a mix of both these ragas. Still, some of the best examples of songs based majorly on Raga Deshkar are:

Jyoti kalash chhalke… Bhabhi Ki Chudiyaan (1961)

Yeh hawa yeh fiza… Gumraah (1963)

Sayonara sayonara… Love in Tokyo (1966)

Jaoon tore charan kamal par… Sur Sangam (1985)


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  1. It was a very long wait this time. But worth every minute and second of it. Wonderful description and melodious demonstration.

  2. In this busy hustle bustle life,this is some place where u find calmness and serenity. There is nothing missing, a beautiful explanation and amazing example of raag Deshkar. Brinda u have a very relaxing voice which helps in relaxing.
    I hope to hear more amazing raags in furure

    Spl thanks to lemon wire team..

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