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The Timeless Generation collective is comprised of Laolu Sanni, Toyosi Sanni and Robert Nkemdiche (former Ole Miss Defensive End.) They came together while attending The University of Mississippi to form a multi-faceted group that utilizes generational talent to present artistic brilliance within different mediums. They thrive on out of this world, avant garde type experiences. TG specializes in fashion, music, design, dance and performance arts.Smashing the status quo 

The Timeless Generation embraces a diverse array of styles and trends. By avoiding any “pigeonholing” of themselves they are able to fully immerse within several different modes of imagination. Their is no force that will halt them from achieving their dreams and accomplishing what they set out to do by any means. Obviously, their key symbol is the infinity sign and represents their extraterrestrial endeavors extremely well. As a group, they are most definitely well-traveled and it shines through within their design process and final products they release to the public. Some countries that have played a significant influence on their garments are Japan, India, Nigeria, London and Dubai. A main global hub of the world that they are relevant in is Atlanta. Bouncing from Atlanta schools to international schools served them well in regards to perspective and shifting the landscape of their output.

As a whole, their approach to fashion derives from a well-rounded mentality that seeks the fruitfulness of life within every encounter. Thanks to a myriad of high-quality materials, well-forged connections and a tendency to exceed expectations, TG holistically comes together to form an organic brand with a clearly solid foundation.

Self-awareness and preparing for the moment

A factor that serves as a mainstay within their organization is the ability to separate ego and creativity. By distinguishing these two aspects, they have all been able to work together harmoniously. By giving their audience the most natural byproducts of art, their contributions resonate on a very high level within the circle of people who are aware of their movement. The defining factor comes down to the reception that their admirers show. As long as there is a base of core followers who show a willingness to accept the diversity of their creative iterations, the Timeless Generation will live on in perpetuity.

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Posted by Timeless Generation on Saturday, November 19, 2016

Together, they have exercised terrific resourcefulness and keenly prepared themselves for their endeavors they have embarked upon. Prior to launching the brand, they participated in fashion counseling and would spend months upon months searching for distinctive materials in order to form collections of refreshing and unique wardrobes. Their goal is to grow with the pieces while providing a soaring level of pizazz to tag alongside. Ultimately, they conceive their strands of attire to grasp the unimaginable as if something fell from out of the sky. With that being said, they did a fantastic job laying the groundwork for being able to develop these ideas. Without access to tools to tangibly access the necessary processes they would be unable to fulfill their ultimate fashion potential.

The members of Timeless Generation are truly unafraid to take risks in order to set themselves ahead by leaps and bounds. From the inception of their brand in the year 2013, they have always put their heaviest foot forward on the necks of high fashion. By committing their lives to becoming the best versions of themselves they have definitely carved an unrepeatable niche for themselves and those who surround them. A defining trope they employ is the idea that it is important to always present the best possible image of yourself. You have to choose clothes to wear every day, why not present the very best rendition of those garments?



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