Anthony Caceres plays the unexpected on “Something’s Gotta Give”


Singer and bassist Anthony Caceres mixes originals and classics for his third album, “Something’s Gotta Give.” From the title track to an unexpected version of Modern English’s “Melt With You,” “Something’s Gotta Give” is full of musical twists and turns that ensure that there is never a dull moment.

Caceres is joined on the recording by Stefan Karlsson on piano, Jeff Hamilton on drums and Davy Mooney on guitar.

About Anthony Caceres

Caceres’ foray into music began after he served in the US Navy for four years. Afterward, Caceres studied music at San Antonio Community College and the University of North Texas. Though a “late bloomer,” he managed to study hard and catch up with his peers.

Caceres worked for a time as a freelance bassist. His projects included an off-Broadway tour with “Miss Saigon” and performances with the Four Aces, The Glenn Miller Orchestra, and a host of others, including Gregg Abate, Jeff Franzel and Bill Mays.

Caceres’ time in the Glenn Miller Orchestra came 65 years after his grand uncle, Ernie Caceres, had also been a member. Even though Anthony never had a chance to meet his uncle, the family connection with the Glenn Miller Orchestra is remains significant. While Caceres is the first bassist in his family, there are other musicians in the Caceres’ family tree, aside from Anthony and his uncle. His grandfather, Emilio Caceres, was a violinist who played both swing and Latin music starting in the 1930s.

Caceres is kind of unique as both a vocalist and bassist. The idea for the double-duty came about as a matter of logistics. Caceres recalls that “I played bass in a salsa band and they wanted me to sing background vocals, too. It was difficult at first, but it got easier with repetition and time until it seemed natural to do both at the same time.”

Since 2007,  Caceres put together his own band and started playing gigs in the Houston area and his continued.

The sound of Anthony Caceres

Caceres’ appreciation for jazz (and in some cases, how other genres can be translated to jazz) is obvious on every track. There are 10 songs on “Something’s Gotta Give.” The title track and Caceres’ treatment of Modern English’s classic early 1980’s hit, “I Melt With You” are of particular interest.

On “Something’s Gotta Give,” Caceres’ diction and overall style are made immediately clear to listeners. There is a swinging energy that comes as Caceres gives life to the lyrics that allows audiences to pay attention to what the song is saying. The playful poetry of the words is underscored by the running aspect of the bass keeps the song lively. Also not to be missed is the shimmery qualities of the piano and drums. The instrumentation allows listeners given to dancing opportunity to do so. The guitar solo sounds classic and mellow, perfect for this song.

“I Melt With You” begins with a drum roll and a piano that takes up the humming vocals. The bass finds its home right beneath the vocals. The piano continues its bright underpinning as the chorus continues to take shape. If listeners had not heard the original, it is likely that they would think that “I Melt With You” is at least a jazz standard. The breakdown portion in the original is treated to an infusion of tinkling piano. Maybe the only thing that gives away the other genre origins of the song is the line “The future is open wide.” Maybe. But the overall romance of “I Melt With You” is captured here.”

“Something’s Gotta Give” is an album of unexpected tracks. Jazz fans looking for something new, something different, should definitely listen to this one.



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