“Entering Neverland” attempts rebuttal to “Leaving Neverland”


A group or person known as Hibbeler Productions has created a video available on YouTube that is to serve as a rebuttal to HBO’s “Leaving Neverland.” “Entering Neverland” focuses most of its content on arguing against Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robson. The filmmakers also spend a good deal of time showing interviews with those who support Jackson and demonstrating that Robson, Safechuck and others were motivated by money. The downside of the film is that it is only available via YouTube. Further, “Entering Neverland” is only 27 minutes long, so some viewers might question the presence of research.

Hibbeler Productions and “Entering Neverland”

The short film that supports Jackson is not the only film that Hibbeler Productions is responsible for. Films that support the idea of the earth as a “plane” as opposed to a planet in space, that claim to tell the “truth” about the dairy industry are among the entity’s works.

As questionable as that body of work may be, “Entering Neverland” does show Jackson interacting with scores of children at once, including going down a wavy slide, and in general giving children their space and trying to help in the most philanthropic ways.

Regardless of the video’s value, since it is supposed to be a rebuttal to “Leaving Neverland,” “Entering Neverland” should be seen by more people. Or, “Entering Neverland” should be re-done with a larger budget and more extensive research in order to function as a true response to the film featuring Robson and Safechuck.

The comments on the video are overwhelmingly positive, as of today. Arguably some audiences might call for a different kind of documentary altogether. Perhaps one that has been created by a neutral party, a group of people who are neither fans nor former fans.

Whatever the drawbacks are of “Entering Neverland,” it at least allows Jackson to speak for himself. One of the drawbacks of “Leaving Neverland” is that the only proof consisted of the alleged victims’ recollections, without Jackson speaking for himself in archival footage.

Jackson’s absence is exactly the problem with all documentaries attempting to either clear or vilify him. What films about the late singer indicate is that without Jackson’s own words, without some kind of proof that shows guilt or innocence without a doubt, audiences will likely never know the truth.



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3 responses to ““Entering Neverland” attempts rebuttal to “Leaving Neverland””

  1. VERY WELL DONE and it was about time to reveal the TRUTH about this flopumentary LeavingNeverland by these 2 liars !!! I will share ENTERING NEVERLAND everywhere i can!!!! THANK YOU for this Video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I saw ENTERING NEVERLAND and i will share it everywhere i can!! It contains Facts of the past that proof that ist not new what is happening at the moment with the horrible lies in Leaving Neverland. Like Robson n Safechuck now, other People in the past payed People to lie and created horrible stories to intentionally destroy M. Jackson!!! I hope ENTERING NEVERLAND goes viral and will get as much Attention as the mockumentary of Dan Reed!!

  3. “Leaving Neverland” was an utter failure. 2 guys with no evidence talking in front of a camera by a director that gets paid by HBO to roll the cameras. Sony/HBO hated Michael for so many reasons. A black man in this country, with so much power, fame, and billions of fans, who stood for love, equality, and peace…getting craped on by our government… framed and slandered at every opportunity. Hibbeler Productions should receive an award for this short doc. The truth is simple, 27 minutes long, lies take time (4 hours of convincing) I checked out their other docs too on their channel. I always thought the earth was a ball in outer space, they show how and why that was covered up, I advise you to do the same, a little research and a few hours late, I am shocked to discover our ancestors were correct. This is a stationary plane with a small sun and moon surrounding us locally. Bravo to Hibbeler Productions. The epitome of truth research!

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