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Otterbox pairs with new Samsung Galaxy S10 release


Recently, Samsung released the newest smartphone in their line, the Galaxy S10. To go with such a stylish and innovative smartphone, you’re going to need a new reliable phone case to go with it, right? In comes Otterbox with their announcement for their new lineup of Otterbox smartphone cases for the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e. Sporting a wide variety of looks and styles, the company has already unleashed their cases to the public. Currently on the market for these new Galaxy devices are their symmetry series, strada series, pursuit series, defender series, defender series pro, and the commuter series.

Cases to look forward to:

The company’s line of Symmetry Series is a slim and stylish case for a slimmer profile. They come in a variety of styles and colors that easily fit in and out of pockets, all while still offering protection to the device.

Samsung Galaxy Otterbox case
Symmetry Series

The Strada Series is marketed as a more stylish and yet functional phone case. The case is made of premium leather portfolio with a poly-carbonate shell and locks in place with a metal latch for a sleek look. It sports is a vertical card slot, perfect for housing cash or credit cards for user’s convenience. It also comes with the OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection.

Samsung Galaxy Otterbox Case
Strada Series Case

The Pursuit Series is slotted to be the company’s slimmest and yet most protective S10 phone case. This protective case shorts an internal impact liner designed to absorb any falls the device may take, and is sealed around every opening for the utmost protection users can get. It’s made of proprietary poly-carbonates and thermoplastic elastomer for a pocket-friendly design to move with user’s.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Otterbox case
Pursuit Series Case

The Defender Series offers premium rugged designs, made with a poly-carbonate for the shell and holster, and synthetic rubber for the slipcover. It features OtterArmor Microbial Defense to shield your case from many common germs to help protect users. This tough case is also backed by the OtterBox limited lifetime warranty. The Defender Series Pro enhances its features from this to include a Pro Drop Protection plan for users.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Otterbox case
Defender Series Case

The Commuter Series offers users a slim design, suited for fitting into pockets easily. It’s slipcover is made of synthetic rubber and has a poly-carbonate shell like many of it’s siblings in this power lineup. It contains two layers for maximum absorption and to help deflect any impact against the device it protects.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Otterbox case
Commuter Series Case

Otterbox has done it again!

OtterBox has a reputation of having extremely solid and sturdy Otterbox smartphone cases, so the pairing of the Galaxy S10 line and this new lineup of phone cases will make for a match made in phone heaven!

Where to buy:

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