Bollywoody Piya


We have seen several songs addressed to the singer’s beloved. There are several words used in Bollywood to address the beloved. That gave me an idea to share this article – Bollywoody Piya, for today. The word, Piya, is used by girls to address their beloved in Bollywood. However, Piya is not the only word used, for the purpose. I plan to post more articles with words depicting the beloved, male and female.

Bollywoody Piya:

Some of my favorite Bollywood songs with the word Piya in their lyrics are:

Piya Piya Piya na lage mora jiya… Phagun (1958)

Piya Piya Piya mora jiya pukare… Baap Re Baap (1955)

Piya aiso jiya mein… Sahab Biwi Aur Ghulam (1962)

Piya tose naina lage re… Guide (1965)

Aaja Piya tohe pyar doon… Baharon Ke Sapne (1967)

Piya tu ab toh aaja… Carvaan (1971)

Piya bina… Abhimaan (1973)

Piya sang khelo hori… Phagun (1973)

Piya Baawri Piya Baawri… Khoobsoorat (1980)

Choodi jo khanki haathon mein yaad Piya ki aane lagi… Pyar Koi Khel Nahin (1999)


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