Aajare aaja na satare Piya – Asha Bhonsle – O P Nayyar – Anita Guha | Choo Mantar (1956)


Movie – Choo Mantar (1956):

Aajare aaja na satare Piya was featured in 1956 Sadiq Productions and Shree Sound Studios’ romedy Choo Mantar (1956) directed by M Sadiq and produced by P B Billimoria. The movie starred Johnny Walker, Anita Guha, Shyama, etc.

Baijnath or Baiju (Johnny Walker) is an unemployed, slacker and flirt. He sings beautifully and all women from his village are attracted to his singing. The men always complain to his father and often, beat up Baiju for his supposed troublemaking. One day, the village Panchayat decides that they would boycott the entire family and burn down their house if Baiju is not thrown out of the village. Baiju himself decides that it is time for him to leave the village and leaves the place bag and baggage.

As he travels through a forest, he catches 2 dacoits trying to loot the belongings of an elderly stranger (S N Banerjee) and saves the stranger. Baiju travels to another village with him protecting the old man and his belongings. They part ways at the outskirts of the old man’s village and he takes off further, on his own. Within minutes, he hears a girl (Anita Guha) singing this song.

Song – Aajare aaja na satare Piya:                     

O P Nayyar and Jan Nisar Akhtar were credited with the music and lyrics of Aajare aaja na satare Piya.

The girl is yearning for her beloved and requests him to meet her soon.

Video – Aajare aaja na satare Piya:

The cinematography is by Minoo Bilimoria. Dance choreography is by Surya Kumar.

The video opens with Johnny Walker walking on a slightly busy village street with his luggage in his arms and head. The music begins. He sees some girls dancing inside dummy horses. Anita Guha begins to sing and dance. Johnny Walker is attracted to Anita Guha and her performance. He enjoys watching it from behind the compound wall of the palace.

Johnny Walker thinks that Anita Guha is singing about him and is highly pleased about it. Anita Guha and other girls’ dance movements are very delicate and look very artificial. The song abruptly ends. The video also ends as the girls begin to giggle.


Asha Bhonsle sang this song for Anita Guha’s character in the movie. Johnny Walker and other actors are also present in the video.

Cultural Influence:

This is a typical O P Nayyarian song for a Bollywood movie. It uses the typical sound that horse hoofs make while running. To depict it the video shows dummy horse dance, as well, in the background. Dummy Horse Dance is a part of the South Indian culture, especially Tamil Nadu and called Poi Kal Kutharai Attam (false-leg-horse-dance) and Puravi Attam. The song and the video are watchable for the same.

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