Samsung Completely Changes the Game with Galaxy Fold Announcement

Galaxy Fold 'folds' audiences with incredible capabilities


It’s time to change what you thought a smartphone could do with Samsung’s most recent announcement. The company, already hot on the heels of the release of their Galaxy S10, has completely broken the mold with their unveiling of the Galaxy Fold. The latest smartphone in their line will hold the capability of literally folding, giving it a massive versatile usability unrivaled in the smartphone market. This unique device will be one of the first of its kind, changing the game for what a mobile device can do.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
The Fold as it demonstrates it’s multitasking capabilities

Samsung has given a few specifications on their website for users to look forward to for the Galaxy Fold. A few notable items included with this device will be that it will have a memory capacity of 12GB RAM with 512 GB internal storage, as well as a 7nm 64-bit Octa-Core Processor. It will have a typical battery life of 4380mAh, meaning users will have a pretty significant chunk of time without needing to charge the device. It also comes with a wired or wireless charging option, providing users with the capability to charge on the go. Tying up the package with a pretty bow will be that it will come with the latest version of Android (Android 9.0 Pie). A list of more information users can drool over until the phone’s set release date can be found on their website.

The biggest question users may have, with a foldable device, is how secure is the folding capability? Well, the company has installed a hinge full of interlocking gears inside the foldable parts of the device, ensuring for a secure and sturdy fold. The gears are hidden at the rear of the device, allowing the device to transform from a phone to a tablet easily. The company states the device has the ability to fold up to 200,000 times, essentially meaning that it could last over 5 years of use if you were to told the device 100 times per day. An answer that will calm most users questioning the durability of such a unique device.

One of the other most notable bragging points for the device that was featured during the announcement, was it’s versatility and functionality. What exactly does that mean for an already ‘flexible’ device? Samsung states that the Galaxy Fold can run up to three applications simultaneously. It will utilize a continuity system that will adjust the apps as you move between tablet and phone modes. Applications such as YouTube, WhatsApp, and Microsoft Office have already all been optimized for the new display and modes.

Set to be released April 26, 2019, smartphone aficionados will likely be lining up out of the door to get their hands on this innovative device!


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